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a cocktail's tale

i have a friend. a good friend. she has been a member of our CSA for longer than i can remember. she and her man, heck, we knew them before they left nashville for the great open skies of the southwest. 325 more words

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This Yoga Townhouse Has a Guest Room to Encourage Practising Daily

Brooklyn Yoga Club is the latest Goop-approved workout space, but it’s much more than just a drop-in yoga class. It’s both a yoga school and collaborative workspace in a Brooklyn townhouse, aiming to encourage community building. 627 more words


How are we supposed to take Curvy Barbie?

This weekend, I watched a story on the new Barbies.

Apparently, you can now get Barbie in sizes other than “bone thin and completely unrealistic.” 1,410 more words

The Girl With The Inner Purple Hair

Changing The Way We Think About Food

As you know, I am currently undertaking a radical shift in the way I eat until the end of February; no refined carbohydrates and no dairy (other than the occasional coffee). 2,199 more words


Right in time for Valentine's Day - Goop's Sex Bark Review

Do you remember a time when you actually liked Gwyneth Paltrow? For me, it was when she was dating Brad Pitt, had a fantastic style, chain-smoked and had a bit of an edge. 925 more words

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My 'GOOP' Journey

My GOOP journey

Sorry for not posting anything for a while, I have been on a massive health and fitness mission this week! I have recently become OBSESSED with Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog ‘GOOP’. 1,069 more words


The Power of Perfectionists

The Power of Perfectionists

I recently saw an article on Goop titled The Power of Perfectionists. As the title suggestions it’s about perfectionism. Interestingly, and surprisingly to many, I have been called a perfectionist. 868 more words