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What on earth am I doing?

That is the question.

I have so much blank space in front of me, it feels like when I type I’m shoveling an endless amount of snow. 459 more words

What's in the Box?

If you have not seen the movie “Seven” I won’t spoil the fun. One of the many things that I have been trying to do is support the arts. 241 more words

Good Friends

Your Healing Crystals Are Part of the Capitalist Exploitation Machine

In another example of the first world sucking the life from the third world, the booming demand for so-called healing crystals is ravaging Madagascar’s landscape and putting its citizens —  thousands of whom are children — at risk in unregulated mines. 491 more words


The Genius "Goop"

I am no stranger to the realm of “Wellness.” I’m a sucker for aesthetically pleasing ads in my Instagram feed trying to sell me things that I do not need in the name of self-care. 930 more words


Year 2, Day 210

From seemingly out of nowhere, which I suppose is where all quirks and eccentricities develop from when you’re a toddler, Miles has started exhibiting a weird new habit over the last few days. 196 more words

Goop, Detox Market Give 'Common Sense' Rules @BeautyTechLA - FaB Event

The recent @BeautyTechLA – Los Angeles FaB Event was full of good vibes and good feedback at its second annual gathering. It was easy to enjoy the breezy late summer weather, beautiful nosh, open bar and secluded ocean-view rooftop.  319 more words


Day #260 Iron-On Anything

There was a tradition when I was a kid. Upon leaving primary school, all the kids would sign each other’s school shirts, in biro or felt tip. 176 more words