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நெல்லிக்காய்ச் சாற்றில் தேன் சேர்த்து சாப்பிட்டால்

நெல்லிக்காய்ச் சாற்றில் தேன் சேர்த்து சாப்பிட்டால்…

10 ஆப்பிள்கள் கொடுக்கும் சத்துக்கு ஈடாக ஒரு நெல்லிக்காய் (Gooseberry) போதும் என்பார்கள். அதேபோல்

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Amla ka achar |Gooseberry Pickle

The other day I went to vegetable market just like any other day and found many fresh Amla ( Gooseberry)  and was thrilled, because they are my favorite ( and also seasonal :( ).  432 more words

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Three's a crowd

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about love, purpose, life, money, happiness, all those sorts of things. It got a bit profound very quickly there. 375 more words


Fruit plates - Pineapple & Pearls

Banana chocolate lollipop and candied gooseberry. Bar seating $180
Pineapple & Pearls, Washington DC

This was a fun ending to a fabulous meal! I loved all the different fruit, flavors, and textures in this dessert fruit plate. 8 more words


Apple Gooseberry Jam - Healthy Jam

A fruity delight that smoothly spreads on the toasted bread. This apple gooseberry jam is easy to make and preservative free.

Apple Gooseberry Jam is a healthy combination of apple and gooseberry. 268 more words


Amla Jam (Gooseberry Jam) - Winter Special

Amla Jam – Healthy Vitamin C Jam

Jam is the best way of preserving the goodness of fruits. Today I am sharing Amla jam recipe. Amla which is also known as Indian Gooseberry.  228 more words