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Blog, Interrupted… A Taste of Summer in the Middle of Winter: Gooseberry crumble with clotted cream

It must have been a hundred years ago that I made this gooseberry crumble. At least. Or perhaps I’ve just lost track of time. I can’t believe that it’s been nearly nine months since I wrote a blog post. 915 more words


Fruit Bed

We purchased some friut bushes (Gooseberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Blueberry) which left us with the problem of where to plant them.  We thought the best bet would be halfway up the garden, and all that we would eed to do would be to dig a bed. 134 more words

Side Project

The Gooseberry

An episode I recollect

makes me both happy and sad

it is one of my childhood  in fact

about  the gooseberry both good and bad . 156 more words


#2 - Clicked by Pratik Akkawar (unedited) - Resolution 2015

This is my #2 entry photograph in my resolution about photography. If you are not aware, you can check out my resolutions for this year… 270 more words

Pratik Akkawar

Good Eatin': NaNoWriMo Extras - Part Two

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

For the weeks leading up to and my completion of NaNoWriMo… 464 more words

Bucket List

Apples, Pears and Currant Affairs

I have trees. Steve the Gardener (another member of the allotment committee) delivered my fruit trees and bushes at the weekend. I was away for most of it, but as soon as I was home I rushed over the plot to get my 9 bare root trees in before the light faded – this was going to be a challenge as I hadn’t quite cleared the ground where I wanted them all to go, let alone dig the holes for them to go in. 649 more words

Plot 56

Food Fix- Go Gooseberry -Food Fix


Gooseberry Avakkai Ingredients: Gooseberry — 250 gm; Salt —50 gm; Red chilli powder — 50 gm; Mustard (powdered) — 25 gm; Turmeric — 25 gm; Fenugreek (powdered) — 25 gm; Gingelly oil — 250 gm. 271 more words

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