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Gooseberry Soufflé - a Risen Tangy Delight

The annual minuscule crop of Gooseberries was harvested a month ago and it is never enough to make jam with.   I have 2 gooseberry bushes and this year one of them decided not to fruit at all (or the birds had them all) so I was left with about 700g of red gooseberries ripening at different speeds slowly being added to a container in the freezer.   1,613 more words


Some Jam, Scones And Sour Cherry Hand Pies

When I saw the baskets of sour cherries and gooseberries at the farmers market I had to buy them. Both are delicious but really not great eaten fresh/raw. 811 more words

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Easy fruit & berry oatmeal (vegan)

The oatmeal belongs to the category ‘easy-peasy’. I like it in many forms, creating lots of new mixes in the summertime. You can add nuts/seeds/fruit you like. 93 more words


Gooseberry Fool

Summer is the perfect time for fool. This cool, creamy dish is better known in Great Britain than the United States but used to be common here as well. 1,060 more words

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Strawberries seem to be the most popular British summer fruit, with their soft sweet flesh and tiny seeds. But gooseberries are just as great.

These pale green, plump and hairy fruits are admittedly not the most beguiling of berries. 391 more words

Gooseberry and Blackcurrant Pah (think pie with a southern accent)

I must first address something that happened last week. Our neighbours called our house crude and unattractive and claimed it detracted from the merit of the conservation area it’s in. 610 more words


Summertime and the living is ..... a bit frenetic

I’m delving into the classics now.  Over the last weekend, the weather had turned lovely again and we had a wave of guests.  There were a lot of mouths to feed and a desire from us to showcase GYO. 280 more words