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No.10 Gooseberry + ground elder + heavy clay = *....*!?!*

Phew! Tough day in the soft fruit patch. Clay soil you could make bricks out of run through with ground elder encasing a precious gooseberry bush. 120 more words

#NABLOPOMO: Blueberries and gooseberries on the plot


There was a lot of soft fruit planted on the plot over autumn. Uptil now, it has all largely been dormant. Hopefully, during this down time, the plants have been setting down root systems in preparation for the growing season. 155 more words

Soft Fruit

Monster gooseberry bush

A couple of months ago a friend gave me a tiny rather spindly gooseberry plant (Physalis peruviana, or Caped Gooseberry), which I planted in a protected corner of my vegetable garden. 194 more words

My Vegetable Garden

Hidden treasures!

I managed to get down to my allotment twice this weekend and did a few useful things. Firstly, I measured it! This will take all the guesswork out of my planning it out. 291 more words

The Allotment


“Can you pass me the steaks, PV?”

“Yeah, hang on” I answered Sunburst, turning back to Goose to answer his question first. “We don’t know if we’ll be free that day yet, Goose. 2,649 more words


Sea Gooseberry in Maine

Sea Gooseberry (Pleurobrachia bachei)

Pleurobrachia bachei is a member of the phylum Ctenophora and is commonly referred to as a sea gooseberry. These comb jellies are often mistaken for medusoid Cnidaria, but are not dangerous to handle.


Jobs for 'Allotment' Sunday

So, luckily i caught up with my mum ahead of the nationally treasured mothers day, which means with the wife out i can go and spend a considerable amount of today at the allotment. 99 more words