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Sea Gooseberry

Whilst walking along the beach I came across loads of these little things washed up on the beach – it turns out they are a type of jellyfish, known as the sea gooseberry.


Gooseberry compoteĀ 

4 cups water, 2-3 cups gooseberries, 4-8 tbsp sugar (depending on how sweet you want it) let it boil until the berries are all soft and mash them a little. 66 more words

Amla (Gooseberry) ki Sabzi

Amla’s are loaded with many health benefits. Helps with better eyesight, stronger bones, fighting infections and even respiratory disorders.

You can eat them raw, which means they are perfect for a fast and easy to prepare dish. 62 more words

Leaves on the Gooseberry

The Gooseberry plants have got leaves on once again, Spring is here.


Gooseberry Bling Bling!

So . . ., the only thing more fun than watching snow fall on a cold wintry snow-filled morning is playtime with some pretties! For those of you out there who collect Pyrex (or anything Vintage for that matter), nothing is more thrilling than putting them to good use! 49 more words

Celebrating the Most Important Day...My Dad's Birthday.

Today is my father’s birthday. My dad is an amazing person, and essentially one of the most important individuals in my life. He is mildly mannered, soft spoken, and the most kind and hardworking person. 1,652 more words


List of fruit growing in my garden

I thought I would supply a list of all the fruit I have in my garden, it may sound a lot but really isn’t, especially as most of them are young trees / bushes