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Hair Tonic- DIY

As I already mentioned that am at my hometown and trying to go all natural. I have abundant time, and nothing much to do around here, so I started making my own skin and hair packs at home. 388 more words

One of those days in England

It’s warm and the only sounds I can hear are the rumbling of passing grain trailers and the buzzing of a wasp nosing around my empty cordial glass. 316 more words

Care Farm

Gooseberry Fool

There is no country like Great Britain when it comes to naming what I call (and they do too) nursery desserts – syllabub, spotted dick, whim-wham, roly-poly, fool, and apple dappy are just a few of the sweet desserts the English call puddings. 411 more words

The berry of berries

Gooseberries – red pearls of deliciousness.

In my opinion gooseberries are the most underrated berry. They are so lovely and sweet, especially the red ones, yet many people have not tried them, I say it’s time to give them the attention they deserve! 230 more words


Star Trails

Lately I’ve been really digging deep into astrophotography. Limitless possibilities to experiment and capture amazing imagery. Caught this exposure the other night during the Perseid meteor shower on Gooseberry Island in Westport, Massachusetts. 63 more words


Perseids Meteors

Spending time out on Gooseberry Island in Westport, Massachusetts last night. It’s one of the few spots in my area with little light pollution. I’m always astounded when I can view upon our distant stars. 117 more words