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Warm days

The days have been warm this week with summer temperatures. There has been sunny days mixed with overcast days with rain now and then. The Aquileias are flowering and there are gooseberries on the bushes. 176 more words


Gooseberry and Spinach Smoothie

I ADORE gooseberries. They’re my absolute most favouritest fruit to eat. They’re super tangy – sour really – and need a little sugar to soften their sharpness. 328 more words


My Cat Just Brought Me A Gooseberry

My cat just brought me a gooseberry
There must be a reason I guess
His switch to fruitarian is news to me
But it’s a change from the rats I confess… 193 more words


Plot produce picking up



carpet of flowers


Purple haze

Things are starting to pick up! Inside the poly tunnel, the first of the chilli plants is starting to flower. 270 more words



The blossom is now giving way to potential fruit.  Walking around the garden a couple of evenings ago I marvelled at how a flower – petals, pollen, delicate things – will change and swell and eventually turn into a fruit. 337 more words


In the gardener’s absence the garden remains

One of the great pleasures of the gardener is in knowing that even when he or she is not busy weeding and watering and cultivating the garden, the garden goes on being the garden; that even on those occasions when the necessary activities of daily living get in the way of your gardening plans, the vegetable patch will continue to do what it does best, and continue to be the vegetable patch. 517 more words

Allotment Gardening

First signs of fruit

Our fruit bushes are showing the first signs of fruit.

Tiny currants on the currant bushes

There appears to be some flowers showing on the Tayberry bush. 47 more words