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Pan Fried Pork with Crispy Sage and Gooseberry Sauce

So tonight I’m posting about one of our favourite dinners. Packed with goodness and flavour, and it takes approx 45 mins to prep and cook. 664 more words


Gooseberry Saison

It’s been a while since I’ve found the time and inclination to post my recipes. Partly this is because I’ve gotten to the point that most of the time what I brew is a slightly altered version of something I’ve done before and it somehow feels silly posting a recipe of yet another bitter with the same malt bill and yeast… I also tend to get interested in a new hobby every few years and this coupled with a very busy year has kept me away from the blog. 408 more words


Jam Session

~When I was younger, I was never a big fan of the standard peanut butter & jelly sandwich, opting for strawberry jelly instead of grape. When I got older I refined my taste to mixed berries and the more exotic gooseberry. 418 more words

Farmers Market

Lazy Sundays in Gooseberry

Lazing around on a Sunday in my favourite lingerie, Gooseberry 77 more words

Jamie Allen

A Gooseberry and Apple Pork

Things have been very hectic this past week.  My in-laws arrived this Wednesday so no more doddling!  The list had to be done!  Well as much of it we could do at any rate.   397 more words


Apple and Almond Soup

I am not a huge fan of cooking fruits preferring to have them raw as they are supposed to be. But sometimes exceptions need to be made, especially when you have a beautiful symphony of apples with tomatoes, gooseberry and carrots topped generously with almonds. 227 more words

What's Cooking

Pyrex For Sale

Before this gets posted to Etsy…

Blue 402 $15, Butterfly Gold 401 & 402 $20, Crazy Daisy 441 $15, Culver Pyrex Platter 3 Quart $40, Pink Stripe 401 $12, Regency Sugar Bowl $8, FireKing Targets $30, Three Woodland 474s One lid (has a minimal chip on the handle) $32, JAJ Yellow Gooseberry 442 $19

Von Bean Trading Co