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$700 Billion For Defense?

The Senate has overwhelmingly approved a Defense authorization bill which carries a $700 billion price tag. Championed by Senator John McCain, the Defense bill has been positioned as absolutely necessary to keep America’s world leadership role secure. 411 more words

Republican Party

He Likes Us

Chuck Schumer was overhead telling Senate colleagues that President Trump likes Democrats.  Senator Schumer said, “he likes us, or at least he likes me”. Does this sound like junior high school? 513 more words


Trump’s DACA

A lot of people, (some estimates most Americans), have found President Trump’s decision to end DACA (Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals) using an executive order, unfathomable. 498 more words


Leading From Behind, II

America’s two major political parties have spent the last decade identifying issues which their supporters held sacred and then blaming their political opponents for supposed transgressions, regardless of what was best for our Country. 505 more words


What Will Happen If The President Has a Personality Disorder?

This past week, a semi-authoritative, randomly controlled, White House “leak” routine reiterated a worrisome observation. President Trump was ticked and Economic Advisor Gary Cohn, National Security Advisor HR McMaster, and Chief of Staff John Kelly were the but of his anger. 299 more words


Another Helping Of Hypocrisy, Please

In the coming days, Congress will take up the matter of emergency relief funding for the Hurricane devastation in Texas. There is no question about whether there is unprecedented damage and loss of both personal and public property. 208 more words


Buyer’s Remorse

What a week.

If someone voted for Donald Trump, holding their nose or not, that person most likely did so because they detested Hillary.  Well, this past week must have felt like a cold shower. 438 more words