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Sequestration Again

As Congress returns to “work” (maybe session is a better word than work) , the Federal Budget and the Federal Debt issues will come front and center. 771 more words

Republican Party

2016 Presidential Race - What’s Important?

With 21 announced candidates for the Democrat and Republican Presidential nominations, once again we are reminded of what a great job POTUS is. These 21 Americans are willing to spend millions (of other people’s money) and rendered themselves naked though constant scrutiny from the media. 664 more words


Christie - Chutzpah or Gall

All’s fair in love and war. Hmmm. So goes the old saying. One wonders whether Governor Chris Christie’s desperate efforts to make the cut for the first GOP televised debate was the inspiration of this phrase, or whether he was inspired himself by these well known words? 510 more words


Finding A Serious Person

Senator Mitch McConnell said yesterday that “no serious person truly believes” that the US faces the dilemma of either accepting the “deal” with Iran or going to war over Iran’s nuclear program. 456 more words


Lessons From The Iran Deal

The UN today voted unanimously to approve the nuclear weapons deal negotiated by the six major powers and Iran. The UN is now poised to remove its sanctions and will be joined quickly by the rest of the world… except probably the US. 707 more words


Trump Update Thanks To John McCain

The news headlines yesterday were emblazoned with “Trump calls McCain no war hero”. Oh, how could he say that? We all know that John McCain was a prisoner of war held and tortured by the North Vietnamese. 389 more words


What Trump Is Teaching Americans

The GOP heavy weights are beside themselves with Donald Trumps high poll numbers. No only is the Donald not their pick for the GOP nomination, he is on a path to put many holes in the Republican ship… below the waterline. 309 more words