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Acela Has Spoken

Tuesday’s primaries along the Acela train route have confirmed, at least for the Northeast, the two Presidential candidates which Democrats and Republicans prefer. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won by impressive margins and with the wins, piled up delegate vote leads which make their ultimate selections as presumptive. 484 more words


The Tourniquet Syndrome

What policy positions do you associate with Republicans and with Democrats. The Republicans might be “tax cuts” and Democrats might be “entitlements”. For sure there are other policies each party pursues but taxes and entitlements separate the parties, one is for, and the other against. 794 more words


New York Has Spoken, Who Is Listening

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big in New York’s Presidential primary on Tuesday. Both overwhelmed their opponents with vote pluralities. So what are the messages voters sent? 693 more words

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And Now There Are 80

The Department of Defense has announced the return to two Yemeni “detainees” to Saudi Arabia from the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility. With their release, Guantanamo headcount drops 80. 382 more words

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Conventions: No, it's not cheating

Lately there’ve been a lot of public slap-fights about the fairness or lack thereof of the convention process, most vociferously about the Republican delegate selection process and how the number of delegates for each candidate compares to their respective voter shares. 1,420 more words


The Supreme GOP Decision Not To Act

Republican leaders and especially those who claim to be a conservative’s conservative have signed on to a completely hypocritical policy. Should we be surprised?

Antonin Scalia was a Supreme Court giant and eagerly applied strict constructionist views to law interpretations. 419 more words


Costly Free Media Attention

MSNBC broadcasted a “town hall” meeting yesterday with the Republican candidates, timed to occur just before the Wisconsin primary. The public service billed event was nothing more than a public cry by MSNBC “just watch this station and buy our sponsors’ products”. 425 more words