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Getting Disillusioned?

The 2016 Presidential race seems to be saying that qualifications and interest in making change are unimportant for someone to become America’s commander in chief. Events seem to be saying “popularity” in a democratic sense is enough. 504 more words


What Does America’s Syrian Policy Really Mean?

With respect to foreign policy, political pundits are gnashing their teeth. Hawks and Trump supporters are calling President Obama a failed President and possessing no leadership. 608 more words


Free Corn

Yesterday, NPR interviewed a Georgia farmer and ask his views about the Clinton-Trump debate. The farmer, a Jon Jackson, was effusive about Donald Trump and thought he had performed brilliantly during the debate. 570 more words


Something For Everyone?

Last night’s Presidential debate provided Donald Trump’s or Hillary Clinton’s supporters just what they wanted to hear. Trump supporters were delighted at his “in your face” style while Hillary supporters reflected upon a smooth, fact filled, polished debate presentation. 234 more words


The First Debate, What To Watch For

If you are a betting person, tonight is an opportunity to make a quick buck. Find your mark and ask the following:

  • Will Donald Trump reveal any specifics on policies or promises?
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Ted Steps Up

Ted Cruz announced yesterday he would vote for Donald Trump. Hmmm.

One can ponder the motivation that engulfed Cruz and brought him to this endorsement. His words were that he could not support Hillary Clinton and (implied) he would hold his nose and endorse the Trump-ster. 285 more words


The Money Hunt

Here is a quandary. What does one do if a political party or candidate continually asks for money? For the sake of argument, one might actually support the party or candidate, but asking all the time is a bit much. 582 more words