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GOP Claims About Middle East - Bring It On

GOP Presidential hopefuls are now singing to a not so unfamiliar song, “President Obama has lost Iraq and Syria”. The chorus of this song assures listeners “the GOP is strong on security and will destroy the enemies overseas”. 538 more words


Christie, Does He Believe What He’s Saying?

Governor Chris Christie is in a tough spot. In a potential field of two dozen GOP Presidential hopefuls, how does a New Jersey Governor make his candidacy relevant? 549 more words


TPP Or Whatever

President Obama is campaigning for public support of the “Trans Pacific Partnership”, a new set of rules and agreements affecting trade between the US and Japan plus 11 other Pacific Ocean facing Countries. 418 more words


Good News, God’s In The Race

Mike Huckabee will announce his candidacy for the GOP Presidential nomination today, in of all places Hope, Arkansas, Bill Clinton’s birthplace… Mike has the franchise on evangelical politics and will thump the bible when ever it will move the crowd effectively. 422 more words

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FLASHBACK: Today is 'Mission Accomplished' Day

Guys, did you know that the U.S. mission in Iraq has been “accomplished” for 12 years? On this day in 2003, Pres. George W. Bush dramatically landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln and gave a speech on how our military mission was accomplished. 133 more words


Will Hillary Get A Pass?

Early release of a new, but soon to be one of many, book denigrates Hillary Clinton.  Reports based upon the book are making a splash on the 7/24 news media. 341 more words

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