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The Oprah Wake Up Call

Oprah Winfrey woke up the Golden Globe audience a few nights ago. She spoke with passion and offered a striking contrast to the Trump doomsday speeches even though she was talking about sexual and work place harassment. 332 more words


Unpaid Tax Cuts

Just before Christmas, America awoke to a promised Christmas present. President Trump had promised the gift would be “huge” and in time for Christmas. I guess he made this happen because he so loved his fellow country men. 512 more words



As 2017 comes to an end, one word keeps coming to mind. Ashamed.

The last election revealed America is a divided country. About half the voters are against most, if not all, policies that progressives put forward such as environmental protection, individual and women’s rights, basic healthcare (especially for the poor), and comprehensive immigration reform. 423 more words


Tax Reform Bottom Line

Republicans are predicting that next week the House of Representatives will pass the conference committee’s tax reform proposal and shortly thereafter, the Senate will also vote approval. 317 more words


When Logic Fails

The Republican designed and President Trump supported “tax reform” is poised to become law. Only a few more horse trades remain before a mockery of fairness and consistency with past positions is presented to the American people, a big beautiful Christmas gift as President Trump has pontificated. 509 more words

Republican Party

Next Stop, Social Democracy?

These past 11 months have witnessed war against Government regulations, a skewed (towards the wealthy) tax reform, and the wanton disregard for healthcare and the environment.   359 more words


Governance Gone

With the Senate passage of the GOP tax reform bill Saturday evening/Sunday morning, any semblance of a political party worthy to hold the reins of government vanished. 280 more words