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More From Down Under

Traveling in Australia, one can not escape that Country’s struggle to deal with the Aboriginal people and the past conflicts white society has had with the indigenous people. 718 more words


Great America From Down Under

I am traveling presently in Australia. The experience has been both stimulating and at the same time therapeutic. There is hope that rational political views can dominate a society. 297 more words


The Infield Cutters

There is a type of person who earns the title “infield cutter”. Imagine a foot race where the objective is to run around an oval track from the starting line to the finish line. 358 more words


The Betsy DeVos Message

Vice President Mike Pense cast the tie breaking confirmation vote clearing the way for billionaire Betsy DeVos to become Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education. Did the first time in history tie breaking vote by the Vice President send a message? 437 more words


The Art Of Speaking Past The Issue

Republican leaders have, somewhat embarrassingly, joined President Trump in denouncing the Federal Court stay of his travel ban against 7 majority Muslim countries.  One can almost hear these GOP leaders saying “here we go again”. 390 more words

Republican Party

Foreign Travelers Ban

President Trump issued a ban for residents of seven Muslim majority countries from traveling to the US for the next 90 days. Oh, do I feel safer already. 423 more words


Supreme Decision

With the nomination of Federal Appeals Court Judge, Neil Gorsuch, a difficult decision lies in front of Democrat Senators. Do they oppose his confirmation at all costs or do they object but in the end allow him to be confirmed? 459 more words