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Abstinence Only Is A Failure

Bristol Palin is pregnant again. She doesn’t want any lectures.

This from a young woman that has made hundreds of thousands of dollars being a spokesperson for abstinence only education. 39 more words

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Equal Rights One Step Closer

The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that same sex couples have a right to marry in all states. This is a good day in our country’s march toward equal rights. 85 more words

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Yup. Much Like With Slavery and Segregation.

It has been a really bad week for conservatives. Really bad!

First “Obamacare” was upheld sending Republicans off the deep end in vows to repeal and replace it. 218 more words

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Conservative Heads Exploding Across The Country!

Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia is upset. He thinks the language in the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) was clear that subsidies would only be applied to insurance purchased through state run exchanges. 71 more words

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Which One Is Really A Bigger Threat?

Republicans refuse to admit climate change is real. They refuse to act. This is largely because the Republican party is anti-science in general (climate change, evolution, pollution, economics, and on and on) but the fact that oil companies are a major sponsor of Republicans makes them unwilling to defy their corporate puppet masters. 180 more words

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These Guys Are Serious About Hate and Bigotry!

The Republican party continues to morph into a party of hate, nastiness, denial, and bigotry. No Republicans exemplify these traits better than these guys!

They’ve declared the Supreme Court’s decision (which isn’t even known yet) as not valid. 53 more words

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Leaving Science to the Scientists

It is hard to be much more hypocritical or arrogant than these two!

They are complaining about the Pope speaking up about Climate Change and telling him to leave science to the scientists. 173 more words

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