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What Global Warming Looks Like

This is what global warming looks like. It is real. It is man made. The science is settled.

You would think that if global warming really were a hoax as the fossil fuel lovers on the right tell us, you might be able to point to some evidence. 84 more words

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America Cannot Simply Force It's Will On Others

This is the best article I’ve read about the Iran Nuclear Deal. It makes a very good point. Many on the right seem to think that the US, as the world’s only superpower, can simply tell others how to behave and they will do as we say. 197 more words

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Conservatives Are Right. It Isn't 97% of Climate Scientists That Back Climate Change

Conservatives love to tell us that they aren’t scientists but that the science isn’t settled and they don’t think climate change (global warming) is real and/or isn’t manmade. 62 more words

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An Actual Voter Fraud Case (With Acquittal)

The right is always ranting about all the voter fraud. Illegal immigrants. Multiple votes. Dead people voting (no, this no longer happens in Chicago). But the statistics show voter fraud is very rare. 157 more words

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Lincoln Was A Socialist

The right loves to label anyone they don’t agree with. My unscientific analysis says their most common labels are socialist and communist. Although tax and spend liberal is pretty common, too. 321 more words

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Abstinence Only Is A Failure

Bristol Palin is pregnant again. She doesn’t want any lectures.

This from a young woman that has made hundreds of thousands of dollars being a spokesperson for abstinence only education. 39 more words

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Equal Rights One Step Closer

The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that same sex couples have a right to marry in all states. This is a good day in our country’s march toward equal rights. 85 more words

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