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Yes, Mr. Rubio, That's True

Marco Rubio says if you’re against gay marriage it gets you labeled as homophobic. Yep.

Just like back in the 60s, when you used religion to try to justify and rationalize being against equal rights, you got labeled a bigot. 101 more words

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More Republican Revisionist History

Republicans are just so bad at science, math, and history.

Science? Yeah, well let’s talk about global warming or evolution.

Math? Budgets anyone? Trickle down economics? 198 more words

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Why Not Move to Iran?

Senator Johnson of Wisconsin tells us he would trust Ayatollah Ali Khamenei more than President Obama. This is the same guy that tells us tax cuts for the rich help the middle class and poor. 102 more words

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What's The Word For This?

Here is an interesting story about the impact Fox “News” has had on the US Political scene. Is it any coincidence that the elimination of┬áneeding to be balanced came about under the Reagan Administration? 343 more words

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Enough Said!

On the twisting of religion into hatred and ugliness that the conservative right has mastered so well in recent years.


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HYPOCRISY ALERT: Republicans Want The Pope To Stop Inserting Religion Into Politics


Republicans love to pretend that they are the party of Jesus. They work tirelessly at pandering to the Christian-right vote. They believe we should be a nation of laws based upon… 458 more words


Ah Yes, More Complaints About Michelle Obama Playing the Race Card and Being a Racist

Here’s the thing. Talking about racism doesn’t make you a racist. But that is what the right tells us on a regular basis.

I find it incredibly frustrating that the conservative right never stops complaining about how minorities complain about racism. 374 more words

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