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Mouth Breathing Minions

The problem is not Trump.

The problem is his mouth breathing minions. Lemmings incapable of thinking critically. They are unquestionably in lock step with Trump’s opportunistic and ever changing dubious ideology. 220 more words

4 Ways The GOP's Response to Scalia's Death Is Exposing Their Hypocrisy

When I heard that Justice Scalia had died, I–like many of you–was like, “Whoa.” Appointing a Supreme Court nominee is a big deal. It’s a lifetime appointment. 1,296 more words

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Trump and His Trumpy Trumpation to Trumpify His Trumpitude

I’ll apologize right up front for even putting this up, but the reality is that someone can’t have such a profound effect on the political world without me saying something about it. 935 more words