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4 Ways The GOP's Response to Scalia's Death Is Exposing Their Hypocrisy

When I heard that Justice Scalia had died, I–like many of you–was like, “Whoa.” Appointing a Supreme Court nominee is a big deal. It’s a lifetime appointment. 1,296 more words

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Trump and His Trumpy Trumpation to Trumpify His Trumpitude

I’ll apologize right up front for even putting this up, but the reality is that someone can’t have such a profound effect on the political world without me saying something about it. 935 more words

Ben Carson For Hitler

Nothing fires up the right wing lunatic fringe base like some good old fashion fear mongering. And here is Ben Carson invoking images of Hitler taking over America. 321 more words

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Speaker of the House John Boehner is resigning. Many on the left and the far right are cheering. Those of us no the left, because of his incredible obstructionism and unwillingness to compromise. 444 more words

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Ben Carson's Lack Of Understanding of The Constitution Disqualify for President

Ben Carson is smart. I often don’t agree with his policy ideas, but he is very smart. He had to be smart to become a surgeon.  223 more words

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Republican Debate on CNN

Watched a little of the Republican debate. Grew tired of the nonsense. I can’t help myself here.

Please excuse my rant!

I get tired of the misrepresentation of planned parenthood, the taking of the heavily editing video as some kind of evidence, and their constant need to tell us how their ideas are so much better. 589 more words

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