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The ACA Helped Keep Families Together, But the GOP Plan Would Encourage Divorce

It’s always interesting to look at the unexpected effects of policies. It’s even more interesting to relate those effects back to the supposed values of the party putting the policies into action. 736 more words

Town Hall Avoidance- How The GOP Runs From Constituents

The last half of February has been a congressional break, ostensibly a time for locally elected federal politicians to check in with their home district, hob know with local big wigs, shake a few hands, stage a few very public photo ops of one’s careful choosing, and then maybe even meet up with an unfiltered segment of voters from the district in the time honored tradition of a town hall….basically a time to appear to be concerned and available to the voters. 528 more words

5 Republican Disgraces You Missed This Week

IMAGE: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul speaks at the Growth and Opportunity Party at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa, October 31, 2015 |  REUTERS/Brian C. 1,112 more words

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GOP: Party (and political donors) Before Country

I’m just going to come out and say it- republican senators and congresspersons care more about their political party, power and corporate benefactors than they do about this country and citizens. 710 more words

Let's Talk About "Extreme Vetting"

Part of the basis for the Trump EO that places a 90 day ban on immigration from 7 predominantly Muslim nations and a 120 day ban of refugees from anywhere (but mostly Syria) is the notion that somehow actual terrorists are slipping through the process and getting into America. 526 more words

GOP Hypocrisy and DEM Invisibility

(This article has real facts AND qualified opinions.)

Still not even a full week into the Trump presidency and we’re being shown the full hypocrisy of the GOP is striking colors. 443 more words

Look In The Mirror Lately?

Much of the white, blue collar middle class in America is apparently quite upset. Their reaction was to vote overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in the recent Presidential election. 295 more words

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