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Ranting on: The American Insanity 2

by Just-A-Little-Mo Bull

If you want your kids to grow up with a sound and nimble mind, don’t send them to church. The entire process is anti-intelligence. 1,812 more words

Just can't do baby goats

Okay…this isn’t a continuation of my vacation report post of last week.  For good reason.

Like most Americans with a soul (this excludes the GOP), my heart is broken over the slaughter of innocents in Florida last week. 529 more words


Second Amendment Obsolete (as the Model-T)

My God! What Bullshit! Following every insane slaughter here comes all this gathering at the podium; being told insipid nonsense such as how many different agencies are combing over facts. 133 more words

God not at Church on Sunday Out Tailgating

Once Again Sunday Church Service Interrupted by Massive Slaughter

Sunday, November 5, 2017: Is this the Stuff of an Insane of America? No! For exactly in the moments this heinous act was going down, today being Sunday, some football player was giving jubilant attribution to the Heavens for the… 288 more words

GOP Hypocrisy

From Russians With Love: O’ the “Spectre” of it all

Dear, Intelligence Committee, as you’re about an excellent job of excavating facts, regarding Russia’s love for Democracy; Otherwise, why would they get so deeply involved, right? 920 more words

Harris-Ruhle 2020

Mr. President, as you speak of the Health Care Bill—and health care is the operative word here—you say too much talk and too little action!! Well, dammit look in the mirror. 1,026 more words

Tulsi 2020

From Russia with Love: The Sequel

Dave Brat you are the Clown Car who happens to know economics! If Charles Krauthammer calls it collusion (meaning something criminal as he goes on) then the GOP House of Cards will come crashing down. 283 more words

Tulsi 2020