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Freedom of Religion (as Long as its Christianity)

Indiana has passed a law that allows business to refuse to serve people if it is objectionable because of their religious beliefs. In other words, they can turn away customers because they are gay. 89 more words


The Right Is Winning The War Against Healthcare

There are quite a few common misconceptions about the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA, or “Obamacare”). These misconceptions illustrate just how successful the right has been at selling lies. 141 more words

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Scary Thoughts About Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is running for President. He is the first to throw his hat in the ring in what promises to be a 2016 Presidential race filled with nutty GOP candidates trying to see how far right they can bring the party and the country. 486 more words

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The Obama Economy

The United States Economy is doing pretty well. In fact, by some measures it is doing remarkably. The stock market is up to record highs, unemployment is down, corporate profits are booming, and recently, we’ve even seen some growth in personal income for those not at the top of the heap. 206 more words

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Remembering Reagan's Negotiations With Iran

Back during the glory days of the right’s saint, President Ronald Reagan, there were a different type of negotiations going on between the United States and Iran. 224 more words

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The Truth About The Iran Nuclear Deal

This is a great clip from C-Span. It shows just how clueless Marco Rubio and his Republican allies are. It shows that they do not have any idea what the terms of the work in progress Iranian talks are trying to accomplish. 116 more words

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