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2017--Sh*t Happens

Does anyone remember back to the Dark Ages……the Obama years?  2009 the Dems would try to hold their local town halls for a meet and greet with their voters…..they were disastrous….yelling, screaming, chanting and other assorted chaotic meetings. 135 more words


His Dark Materials

If you thought that the Trump administration’s goal is to dismantle the non-military functions of the federal government, Steve Bannon confirmed that yesterday. If were wondering if the Republican party is fully in step, Reince Priebus just confirmed that too. 392 more words


CPAC 2017: Original Sources

I love to watch CPAC but this year my schedule did not allow me much time for keeping up with everything on this opening day. Thank Heavens for the Internet and YouTube for providing live streaming of the event and especially for all of the organizations that have posted videos. 181 more words

All Politics Is Local

A Short Letter to Caitlyn Jenner

Hey Caitlyn Jenner,

I see that you want to “help” the GOP understand LBGTQ issues. Good on you.

But here’s the deal- The GOP has been on Planet Earth for the duration of the LBGTQ struggle in modern times. 396 more words


Grassley, Ernst, and other GOP face town hall anger

(CNN/KWQC) – Across the country, as Senators and Congressmen are on home recess, town halls are turning into a hot beds for political activism.

Protesters are packing these events and expressing outrage over a number of issues surrounding Washington and President Donald Trump, leading many to wonder if there’s a power shift on the horizon in 2018. 204 more words



A fascinating article surfaced. “Big Pharma Quietly Enlists Leading Professors to Justify $1,000-a-Day Drugs” by Consumer Reports 2-23-17. The article is Yuuuuge and has the potential of several Analysis essays. 707 more words

Critical Analysis