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Corruption is the Root of Sensible Gun Control Inaction – Perspective

To not be moved to the core of our beings over the senseless slaughter of 17 American school children on a bright and beautiful, cheerful February 14th – the universal day of LOVE – is a litmus test that measures the depth of corruption in the GOP. 336 more words

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Trump's Budget Proposal: Unfair to the Majority of Americans

In 1929 the stock market crashed on Black Tuesday creating what would be known as The Great Depression. Millions of people lost their jobs and their homes. 633 more words


Haven't said I hold babyman voters in contempt enough

Because the cinnamon dipshit did this a little while ago:

President Trump questioned the intensifying special counsel investigation of his 2016 campaign and his administration while attacking his own national security adviser, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, former president Barack Obama, Democrats in Congress, CNN and others in a remarkable nine-hour span of tweets that included profanity and misspellings.

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The Next Day, The Same

It’s over before their families know
The bullet’s job is through
They’ll still be on that floor for hours
The shooter, someone they knew.

In America, we pretend to feel sorrow… 16 more words

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Game Of Patterns: Day 607

Both selections lost. Holly Bush Henry came 5th, Frodon 3rd. 🤬🤬🤬 Ahhh… No selections today. The balance went negative (bellow 100 points). Pattern 11 fucked me up on Friday, but will address it later. 35 more words


"Nothing We Can Do"

can't even argue with a thing he said.. https://t.co/qGeoooF6W8

📹 (@longlive_nixon) February 15, 2018

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