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How To Get A Democrat To Agree With You

When you get Liberal Democrats out of the Opposition Media Mind Speak, you can get them to buy into conservative ideas. I am finding that the Media has such a tight hold on their thought process, I have to get real inventive to get them to listen to reality. 658 more words


Has he no decency? Nope.

Spanky and his supporting cast of Nazis from the “Schindler’s List” “take the babies from their mothers” scene have (temporarily) backed down from their GOP-backed, … 254 more words


Incompetence in the Trump administration: Tariffs

From a Washington Post article by David Lynch:

President Trump is ready to escalate his trade war with China by imposing tariffs on almost all Chinese goods shipped to the United States.

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Another prominent lifelong Republican has jumped the rat-infested ship. I’m amazed how dramatically the GOP has changed in just my lifetime. It used to be the party of fiscal responsibility and moral rectitude. 23 more words

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Looking a Little Puffy There Today Kirstjen. Maybe You Shouldn't Have Eaten at That Mexican Restaurant Last Night.

From Boston.com: 

“The brusque 46-year-old former Bush administration official this week became known as the Cabinet member who skewed the facts at a combative press conference in defense of President Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy, and who… 55 more words


"Nazis separated me from my parents as a child. The trauma lasts a lifetime."

In the Guardian Yoka Verdoner writes from personal experience, the same sort of experience the Trump administration is giving thousands of children from families seeking asylum in the US: 788 more words

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Last 24 Hours In Politics

⦿ Attorney General Jeff Sessions says comparing separating children from their parents at the border to Nazi Germany is an “exaggeration”

⦿ Hundreds of members of AG Jeff Sessions’ church have filed formal church law charges against the attorney general, accuse him of child abuse for the Trump administration’s border policies… 1,248 more words