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Victory for Trump was a rebellion against the Establisment

Against all the odds, Donald Trump managed to clinch the Republican presidential nomination, unite the GOP behind him, and defeat the Democratic Party’s nominee Hillary Clinton to become President-Elect of the United States. 1,059 more words



These are some of the posters that I saw at the Women’s March in Charleston.  We began at the Women’s and Gender Studies office at the College of Charleston and walked through the rain to Brittlebank Park.


Chief GOP tax writer sees ‘bad things’ for US companies if a controversial reform provision gets axed

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady on CNBC Friday warned that cutting the “border adjustment” measure in the overall Republican corporate tax reform plan would…


This is What Democracy Looks Like

One man–or even a cabal of them–cannot unravel a democracy unless the people allow it. This is why if November 9, 2016, shook my faith in our democratic institutions, then January 21, 2017, breathed new life into it. 773 more words


Very Wordy Revelation

I had what can only be described as a major epiphany tonight.  I am trying to stop being so lengthy in my posts so forgive the epic length of this.  835 more words



A new day dawns in America. Donald Trump has been sworn in as our 45th president. But as Voltaire famously said in his satirical masterpiece… 11 more words

“Inauged”: My New Word for “Now We’ve Been F**ked by You Know Who”

Well, it’s done. He is the President. Yup. Trump and his coterie of billionaire country rapists are now our official leaders. How does it feel? Like you could benefit from several hours on a bidet? 1,072 more words