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Patience is a Virtue

It is really no secret that Governor Jeb Bush will run for president. He has been aggressively fundraising, giving speeches, and is already under attack for being a brother to a former president.  441 more words

The GOP is not "dying off"

The Republican Party is old and white. But its also in a better position to diversify than it has been in years. This week’s Communities Digital News post discusses why.

Politics And Grassroots

How the Tea Party helped advance gay marriage nationwide

The story is a complex and inadvertent one. The tea party which is thought of by mainstream America as a reactionary right-wing movement has very little in common with the overall left-leaning gay rights movement. 1,562 more words


"Being Punitive For The Hell Of It": Kansas Wants The Very Poor To Crawl, Often, For The Means Of Survival

Former WaMo Weekend Blogger Max Ehrenfreund has an important if maddening piece up at WaPo’s Wonkblog today about the latest indignity towards the poor inflicted by those good Christian GOP lawmakers in Kansas. 338 more words


Why the fixation with The Donald?

Why, media? Why?

Why do you — and I guess, me — keep writing about Donald Trump in the context of a presidential campaign?

The Donald isn’t going to run for president of the United States. 206 more words

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