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No Governor Christie, A Willingness To Compromise Is Not What We Need

Chris Christie gives good speech. He definitely is a professional at passionately communicating and effectively donning “I’m a regular guy who’s pissed off about what’s going on” attire. 52 more words


Five World War II Veterans Tell Their Stories

Each veteran told the Free Beacon about their own unique experience in the military.


via Five World War II Veterans Tell Their Stories | Washington Free Beacon.


Greece votes no on referendum, Euro, probably EU membership, long-term stability as a nation-state

The country’s banks don’t have enough money to last for much longer, and there is little reason why the European Central Bank would wish to extend them billions more if it is snubbed by voters. 69 more words


Brent Bozell: Congress an 'Unholy Mess,' Most Republicans are Really Democrats

Let’s look at the Republicans in the Senate. “Liberty Score” tells you everything you need to know about the GOP majority – and what to expect from a body that almost universally champions itself as “conservative.” But the scores, pulled in June 2015, tell a different tale. 21 more words


Five Patriotic Movies That P*ss Off the Left

With the fascist left on a fascist rampage, why not add a little defiance to your 4th of July by watching five patriotic movies that piss off The Man. 45 more words


Aging Hipsters Priced Out of Obamacare

But the first official numbers are in from Oregon, and the results aren’t pretty for the ACA. Not only did the state’s Insurance Commissioner approve big premium hikes, she has even required insurers that didn’t request any increases to raise their prices. 15 more words