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The Politics of Fear (or “Why Donald Trump Will Probably Win The Presidency”)

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I realize I am very much going off topic here, but this is something that’s been on my mind for a good while. 629 more words

Libertarian "Officially"

I reject a two-party "system," its proponents, and the political monopoly they exercise. Just registered #Libertarian @LPNational 4 #change

— Alex C (@Googsman) July 25, 2016



Does Donald Trump Have Any Real Policy Plans?

For the past four days, Roland Martin has been asking Black Republicans about the specifics of Donald Trump’s plan when it comes to African-Americans.

If you’ve been watching… 461 more words

News One Exclusives

Never Trump and Never Duke Exposed as GOP Traitors!

Dr. David Duke exposes the GOP National and Louisiana Bosses as Never Trump and Never Duke.


Milo Vs Twitter: The New Battle For Free Speech Is Online.

The recent controversy over Milo Yianoppolus’s lifetime ban from Twitter has generated almost as much buzz in the last week as the 2016 race itself, and for good reason too. 510 more words


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My first article as part of American Watchmen

Now it's the Democrats (and their media) embracing conspiracy theories

We had some fun and games at the Republican convention last week. Especially from Ted Cruz who wanted his moment in the sun. Of course there is a scenario in which he can capitalise on his breaking of his “pledge”. 267 more words