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Talking points from the orange supremacist

The White House (a term that had taken on a whole new symbolic meaning in a day) issued this list of talking points (click to enlarge). 144 more words


Trump Declares Hitler Had A Point Too

Nazi Land, USA.   Donald Trump today said that Adolf Hitler had a perfectly valid point in his desire to kill every living Jew and become ruler of the Western world.  173 more words

Satire And Other Irreverent Humor

"Head Up Your Ass Quote of the Day"

From Ben Carson about Charlottesville:

“We all have to recognize that there are other things that are important here and don’t get caught up in these little squabbles and blow them out of proportion,” Carson said, “and spend all of our time talking about that.”


Two-faced Lee Zeldin on White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville

Zeldin’s bizarre bifurcation of responses to Charlottesville continues. Yesterday he went back to his original position defending Trump and blaming both sides. That weak response is also the one on his website press release page, his official Facebook page and his official Twitter feed. 74 more words

Congressional GOP's (in)action speaks louder than words

From the Washington Post‘s Daily 202 today:

Actions will speak louder than words. And GOP congressional leaders are not rushing to hold hearings on the resurgence of white supremacy.

134 more words

NAFTA Renegotiation


Today marks the beginning of the first round of meetings designed to renegotiate NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement between US, Canada, and Mexico. 174 more words

Heidi Harris: President Trump "Parents" The News Media

Heidi Harris spoke on Tuesday’s President Trump’s press conference, an event many argue got very contentious between the President and news media members.

While some focus on certain aspects of his comments, many have been critical of the news media for disrespecting the office of the presidency. 25 more words