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Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Responds To A CPAC Official's 'Painfully Stupid' Comment About His Race

WATCH: At the Ronald Reagan Dinner at CPAC, ACU Communications Director Ian Walters said the RNC hired Michael Steele as chairman in 2009 "because he’s a black guy." …

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Game Of Patterns: Day 613

1 win, out of 5. Talk of The South won @ 3.9 for 1.1 point loss yesterday. But Jon Ess and Carried both fucked me up, finished 2nd. 18 more words


Ask The N.R.A.!

From The New Yorker, by Sarah Hutto:

Dear N.R.A.,

My house is on fire right now. Do you have any advice about what I should do? 775 more words


Trump orders seeing eye shooters for all blind citizens creating 3.3 million new jobs for good guys with guns

Our blind citizens have long been at risk from immigrants, terrorists, bad dudes and sharia law but too much government prevents them from being able to protect themselves under the 2nd amendment. 297 more words


Trump School Safety Plan

After last week’s tragic shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, President Trump determined how to stop  further school shootings: give teachers guns. The… 305 more words


Trump at CPAC

Trump in the loving arms of the delusional cult members of the GOP, revisits and relives all of his greatest hits from the campaign trail over a year ago as well as some of the newer hit singles developed while tweeting from the White House. 320 more words


In Georgia, It’s the NRA and the Legislators vs. the Police

Teresa Tomlinson is the first female mayor of Columbus, Georgia, a diverse community of 200,000 people, 90 miles southwest of Atlanta and the state’s second largest city. 929 more words

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