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A New England Battleground

When George W. Bush won the 2000 election after finishing half a million votes behind Al Gore nationwide, Florida gained most of the spotlight. In a state with a population of 16 million people, Bush had beat Gore by an almost incomprehensibly tiny margin of 537 votes (official final count). 1,007 more words


Ted Cruz reverses, says he’ll vote for Donald Trump in November

Texas senator Ted Cruz, and one-time Republican presidential candidate, has announced that he will be casting a vote for Donald Trump in the November US general election. 196 more words

No Room for a 3rd Party

Democrat or republican those are your true choices, because the reality is there is no room for a third political party in today’s politics. Well the truth is its really not allowed in our political system here in the United States. 274 more words


Watch All of It

North Carolina Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger says the US welfare system is to blame for protests over police brutality. The clip is well worth watching in its entirety, because Pittenger lays out quite fully the elements of the alternate reality Republicans inhabit. 92 more words

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Why Are We Hearing *crickets* From the NRA?

From the Daily Kos, by Hunter:

Today was a big day in the Donald Trump campaign, as Hair Furor repeated his new idea for police to stop-and-frisk Americans on the streets…

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How To Make Sense of Polling Trends

Knowing where the presidential race stands can be difficult, particularly when individual polls are selectively picked in order to make the case for a certain candidate’s good or bad fortune. 632 more words


Donald Trump Wants Your Help With His Debate Prep

Trump needs YOUR help to prepare for his debate with Hillary Clinton

No, not really. But his campaign have sent out a survey to supporters, asking them a series of leading questions about what subjects Donald Trump should raise in the first presidential debate on Monday, as well as precisely which insults and zingers he should hurl at Hillary Clinton. 465 more words

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