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The HOR grows...

The House of Runo is proud to announce the addition of two more slaves.  Misty and Ashlynn.  Both girls bring plenty of experience and, of course, sensuality to the House of Runo. 154 more words


Hello 2017

2017 is kicking off nicely with lots of events opening up such as the TTS ( Totally Top Shelf) is back which some cute things this round.Like this cute little dress made by Oubliette and the good thing about it it looks freaking amazing with the new cupcake boots made by blueberry which comes with a hud of colors you can pick from (drools). 58 more words


Kapitalism gör det möjligt att reklamera en människa

Säg mig varför det är bra att reklamera en människa? Dör man inte lite inombords? Defekt produkt. Vad är det för skillnad? Hitler dödade människor i gaskammare. 143 more words


Merry Gorean Christmas

The House of Runo wants to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Yes, we realize that they didn’t celebrate Christmas on Gor.   However, we are from Earth living a Gorean life whether in Second Life or in Real Life.   149 more words


Consensual Slavery

The House of Runo believes in consensual slavery.  This might sound strange, a bit like an oxymoron.  However, there is a truth to it since we don’t really live on Gor.   113 more words


Hop in the car don’t you worry, baby I’ll treat you right in a hurry, baby Drivin’ right over your hurdles, baby I’m psychic I know you’ve been hurtin’ lately I’ve been so loyal, baby How about you? 330 more words

The House of Runo at Caer Cadarn

The House of Runo is located at the lovely Caer Cadarn.  The name is derived from the books by Bernard Cromwell known as The Warlord Chronicles.   637 more words