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If you haven’t been to  Collabor88 yet you better get over there while you can. This is lovely round and one of my favorite designers_CandyDoll_  and Zenithdoesn’t let you down with their releases this round along with other designers. 26 more words


Nếu anh mà còn ở Năng Khiếu

Nếu anh mà còn ở Năng Khiếu, mỗi ngày đến trường em đều có thể nhìn thấy anh, em sẽ cười với anh thật tươi và gọi tên anh thật lớn, thể nào anh cũng sẽ giả vờ làm ngơ không hay không biết để chọc ghẹo em. 742 more words


Great Ocean Road: Day 2. Apollo Bay onwards

Day two, we continued on along the coast, driving through the Great Otaway National park before stopping in the lovely Port Campbell for a great lunch at 12 Rocks Beach Bar Cafe. 62 more words


First Adventure Begins at a Controversial Front

While wandering between thematic communities from urban to rural, steampunk to country, medieval to modern; I came across a medieval fantasy. The controversial topic, widely known, medieval fantasy written by John Norman, on a counter earth of civilization came to my attention. 351 more words


How do you get founding to make film in Sweden?

Filminstitutet is the Swedish states way of financing film created in Sweden by the residents of Sweden. You can write manuscripts and then you can apply for founding for your film by Filminstitutet in Sweden. 95 more words



Went to the pain managemenet doctor. Yay for being told this is most likely permanent pain, but even more yay….THESE doctors listened to me. It wasnt..hmm reads a chart for 2 seconds and then…I dont know whats wrong, take some tylenol and see me in five weeks. 30 more words

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Final Impressions: Tarnsman of Gor

Artwork by Boris Valejo

Well, here I am again. I noticed that very close to nobody ended up reading my last post on Tarnsman of Gor,  1,110 more words