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Day 19 - The Issue of Banning People From Events

A blunt and straightforward response to banning people. Safety of everyone attending is the first priority.


Day 17 - My First Collar

I had been seeing a beautiful girl for over a year. We were both excited and enjoying reading the Gor Book series. We decided to establish our relationship as a Master/slave dynamic. 21 more words


Day 15 - Some Amusing Things From Online Goreans

Sharing some amusing things that online Goreans have said to me over the years. Enjoy!


Day 12 - Master Morality

Sharing some personal viewpoints on Gorean Master Morality. Cherish your freedom. Fight for your freedom. Remain an individual with purpose and convictions. Do not let the sword of others limit your freedom and life.


Day 11 - Apparently I Am A Bully.....

I am amused how standing on principle, warning others, and taking a stand can piss some people off. #WhoWillYouHelp


The House of Runo - Slave Dancing

The House of Runo does promote the arts whether it be poetry, singing, music, dancing, painting or any other form of art both visual and performing.  198 more words


Day 9 - Local Gorean Community

A question – What is your local Gorean community doing??

Do they hold any educational workshops or seminars?

How socially active is your local community? 19 more words