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Henderson: Border City Boys were part of the assault on Vimy Ridge

One hundred years ago tonight, droves of young Windsor-area men — the Border City Boys as they were affectionately labelled — were among 100,000 Canadians bracing for a dawn assault on a shell-pocked ridge in northern France. 636 more words


Henderson: Canadians happy? Don't bet on it

A lot of Canadians surely choked on their double-doubles this week upon learning that the UN has once again labelled us one of the happiest nations on earth. 654 more words


Henderson: Roberts having 'fun' with Roseland makeover

You would never know, judging by the candy-store grin sported by Phil Roberts this week, that he’s the designated “victim” of a cruel city hall plot to rob him of his parks department empire. 644 more words


Reader Letter: Catch more tourists before they hit the 401

Re: Salt mine and minivan plant tours would be big attractions, by Gord Henderson, Feb. 18.

Having been raised in Windsor and since 1970 returning on a monthly basis to visit or care for family members, I have been able to see the city more and more through the eyes of a tourist. 220 more words


Reader Letter: City council failing to make the downtown viable

Re: Blighted parking garages sorely need upgrading, opinion column by Gord Henderson, Dec. 10.

Gord Henderson asks in his latest column: “If downtown’s fate rests on a bit of retail in a scuzzy parking garage … it is truly screwed.” 219 more words