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Henderson: On the trail of a father's murderer

The brutal, ultimately fatal assault on his father on a backwoods trail in remote northern B.C. has haunted Windsor businessman Joe Greco for decades.

But now, after years of pleading for information, he’s a big step closer to finding out what happened. 699 more words


Beach fence was an embarrassment

Re: ‘Tear down that beach fence’, column by Gord Henderson, June 10.

Thanks to Gord Henderson for his column regarding taking down the ugly green fence at Sand Point Beach. 172 more words


Henderson's classless Unifor comments

Re: Bad timing for Chiodo to rain on city’s parade, column by Gord Henderson, May 14.

The Windsor Star has produced some class act reporters over the years. 203 more words


Windsor needs to save mature trees

Re: Windsor needs a tree-cutting bylaw, by Gord Henderson, April 8.

I totally agree with Henderson. The City of Windsor needs a tree cutting bylaw. 137 more words


Protect what's left of our tree cover

Re: Windsor needs a tree-cutting bylaw, column by Gord Henderson, April 9.

Many thanks to Henderson for providing his well-reasoned and respected voice to the need for our local government(s) to step up and protect the tree cover remaining in our area. 138 more words


Henderson shouldn't mock youth, therapy dogs

Re: Not the ‘Greatest Generation’, opinion column by Gord Henderson, Jan. 23.

I was disappointed to see that, in a month when people are being encouraged to talk about mental health issues, this column ridiculed universities for making dogs available to calm stressed students. 245 more words


Trudeau-Obama similaries are striking

Re: Will Justin become an Obama? Column by Gord Henderson, Jan. 29.

The answer to Mr. Gord Henderson’s question is a resounding yes, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau likely will end up being negatively viewed by many Canadians. 130 more words