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Gord Henderson: Jo-Anne Gignac changes all the odds

The joke, back in the day when Windsor was a Liberal bastion, was that local Conservatives were such rare birds that they could hold their annual meeting in a phone booth and still have space for a dance floor. 656 more words


Gord Henderson: Shifting gears at city hall

You might as well kick back and relax, preferably with a double rye in hand, because the pace of change in Windsor has downshifted from hair-raising to cautious and measured with rookie driver Drew Dilkens at the wheel. 726 more words


Isn't lifelong pension enough?

Re: The outdated views of a desk jockey doesn’t help, opinion column by Gord Henderson, Feb. 28.

I wish Coun. Hilary Payne the best in making the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation and its CEO Sandra Pupatello accountable to the taxpayers. 115 more words


Sustainability is the key

Re: We must make Windsor much more inviting, opinion column, by Gord Henderson, Jan. 24.

Now it is official — 2014 was the warmest year recorded on Earth since measurements were started. 275 more words


Duncan's opinions not wanted

Re: Dwight Duncan thinks Windsor needs a new jobs strategy, opinion column by Gord Henderson, Jan. 17.

As I read another column by Gord Henderson about what Dwight Duncan says, I wonder why this inept former politician is still being sought after for his opinion. 122 more words


Eddie Francis: Chalk one up for the little guy

Editor’s note: This column was written by Gord Henderson on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2003, the day after Eddie Francis was elected to his first term as Windsor mayor. 739 more words


Millson's choice to join campaign race or not

Re: Millson for mayor an unwanted ’80s throwback, opinion column by Gord Henderson, Aug. 9.

As to Gord Henderson’s column, throwing John Millson under the bus, “Really Gord?” 212 more words