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Henderson: Janitors decision bad for city, bad for taxpayers

How sweet it must be to work for a public employer like the City of Windsor where the pay and benefits are in a league of their own, the cheques never bounce and the L-word, for layoffs, has been banned. 636 more words


Sympathy for election cry babies

Re: Election result comments by Gord Henderson, Chris Vander Doelen and Mayor Drew Dilkens.

Whaaaa! Whaaa! Whaaaa!  Sob! Sob! Sob! Blubber! Blubber!



Anti-NDP talk is just bullying

I take offence to cynical people such as Gord Henderson, Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens and Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara who have a mindset that if your representatives are not in the ruling party, then your area will get the “short end of the stick”. 153 more words


Henderson: Liberal recruiting efforts fell flat

If the pollsters are right and the Justin Trudeau Liberals ride to power Monday, the tears of joy among party supporters in the Windsor region will be mixed with pangs of regret over what might have been. 719 more words


'Harper is a one-man gang'

Once again, Star columnist Gord Henderson has written about the importance of having a voice/seat at the cabinet table. Prior examples given were the federal Liberals and the provincial NDP. 155 more words


Liberal days were hard on my family

Re: Is Windsor headed for a repeat performance? by Gord Henderson, Oct. 10.

Henderson made everything seem so rosy for Windsor when the Liberals were in power. 56 more words

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Once-mighty Windsor Liberals seek way back in from political wilderness

The Justin Trudeau-led Liberals, suddenly gaining serious election traction particularly in Ontario, have local Grits hoping to reclaim some of their own former glory.

With 10 days left in one of the longest election campaigns ever, polls and pollsters have the Liberals languishing in third place in the local federal races, with the NDP and Tories fighting it out for first. 821 more words

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