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Labour debt-pointers are risking their party's economic credibility again

I actually can’t take it anymore. It is economically illiterate and it is self-defeating and it has to stop. It is like someone lighting a fire, which is an inferno when the fire brigade arrives, and then the person who starts it runs around replacing the brigade’s water with oil, and fanning the flames, whilst screaming at the fire bridgade that they can’t believe the fire isn’t out. 570 more words


Friday 19 May 2017 - Three ways the Tories are attempting to undermine the opposition parties

1. Scrapping the “head of household” system of voter registration

The need for each individual in a household to register to vote was introduced in 2009, under the Labour Government of Gordon Brown. 1,661 more words

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On the rampant child poverty under Theresa May

“ But the biggest single group in poverty – one third of May’s new poor – are our youngest and most vulnerable, those who don’t have a vote but certainly need a voice. 112 more words

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Former PM Gordon Brown gives election speech without mentioning Jeremy Corbyn

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has somehow managed to give a 25-minute election speech without a single mention of current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Corbyn, who was a serial rebel against Mr Brown’s administration, was notable for his absence in the speech in Coventry. 515 more words


6th May 1997. 'Prudence' Brown.

One effect of the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) debacle was the Tories resolve in 1992 to grant the Bank of England independence over base-rates.(1)

The notion was that the Bank would be free of short-term demands of politicians and more importantly as a step towards… 440 more words


1997: The legacy

The Labour Party’s victory in the 1997 general election was an extraordinary moment, not so much once-in-a-generation as once-in-the-party’s-existence. A huge parliamentary majority materialized at a time when the economy was healthy and growing, with only the wispiest of clouds on the horizon. 1,187 more words