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Day equals Night

but not on the Equinox.

This table comes from Gordon Freeman’s Canada’s Stonehenge. He lists the period on which the day and night are the same length, which he calls Equalnights. 108 more words


Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is now Half-Life 3

In a way, at least… Players that pick up Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on Steam before the deadline of May 1st will receive the  57 more words

Video Games

"We Are You, Freeman."

Half-Life 2 flows. Its narrative takes place over three consecutive days. The pace of exploration, puzzles, combat and atmosphere is flawless and the four are inextricably woven together. 411 more words


Inktober 2017 - Day 24

I’m including two separate pieces together because I attempted this many times today trying to get it just “right”. One I inked but I liked how the sketch turned out as well (its arguably better than the ink) so I threw it in. 78 more words


Half-Life: Chances

Half-Life is a series that is big. It is bigger than itself – so to speak. It’s a landmark, groundbreaking title chocked full of innovative ideas, interactive environments, and creative weapons leading a strong conspiracy narrative with a silent lead. 603 more words