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CounterPunch: How the Economy Loses under Trump or Clinton

by Michael J. Sainato

Oct. 5, 2016

Famous Wall Street Investor Asher Edelman served as the inspiration for the character Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas in the 1980’s Oliver Stone film, Wall Street. 686 more words

Asher Edelman

The only unifying position he really has

What I find most fascinating about the concept of greed is how often we assume following our greed must result in the accrual of fame, power, and wealth.

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Wall Street

This week’s movie is the 80’s classic, “Wall Street,” starring Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen, Daryl Hannah, and a whole slew of other famous actors… 745 more words

Greed is Bad

In the movie Wall Street, the director sought to present to viewers a modern-day parable illustrating the harmful effects of greed. By portraying the protagonist, Gordon Gekko, in what he regarded as an unfavourable light, and the fact that Gekko and his young protégé go to jail for insider trading, he probably believed that the movie would serve as a moral lesson about the dangers of excessive corporate greed and arrogance. 2,379 more words

Act II: Free-Market Folly: Why Economics Is Not A Science

Global Witness, markets and corruption

If one knew nothing but the hectoring tone of the Global Witness report Hostile Takeover, one could easily conclude that members of Hun Sen’s family have done nothing since 1979 except manipulate government influence to enrich themselves illegitimately. 1,361 more words


Quotes #15 WALL STREET 2

“The one thing I learned in jail is that money is not the prime asset in life. Time is.”

Gordon Gekko / Wall Street 2: Money never sleeps (2010)
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