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What CEOs will do with the cash - You're not going to like it

By David Nelson, CFA

While it may feel like the Trump Rally has exploded out of control we’re still at levels we’ve been flirting with since the dog days of summer. 913 more words

David Nelson

Nice Guys Finish First

On Monday I had the idea for this week’s post. As you’ll see from the title, it was ‘Nice Guys Finish First.’ And then came Tuesday, and President Elect Donald J. 669 more words

I Used To Be Too Poor To Vote Republican; Now I Hope Loss Aversion Will Save Hillary

For a long while I used to feel I didn’t have enough money that voting Republican could possibly make any sense. Now, though not much wealthier or poorer, I feel I have just enough to lose that the very idea of voting Republican makes zero sense. 221 more words

High Frequency Trading- The Road Ahead

Contributed by: Ishwar Chidambaram, CFA

The advent and spectacular rise of High Frequency Trading (HFT) has been the watershed event, transforming both developed and emerging financial markets beyond all recognition. 363 more words


CounterPunch: How the Economy Loses under Trump or Clinton

by Michael J. Sainato

Oct. 5, 2016

Famous Wall Street Investor Asher Edelman served as the inspiration for the character Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas in the 1980’s Oliver Stone film, Wall Street. 686 more words

Asher Edelman

The only unifying position he really has

What I find most fascinating about the concept of greed is how often we assume following our greed must result in the accrual of fame, power, and wealth.

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Wall Street

This week’s movie is the 80’s classic, “Wall Street,” starring Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen, Daryl Hannah, and a whole slew of other famous actors… 745 more words