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The Good Old Boys vs. The Traitors Club

Listen, please don’t be distracted by warnings from Republicans of going to war with Iran on day one of their Presidency, because Republicans are already in a civil war. 467 more words

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A Funny Thing Happen On The Republican's Way To The White House

Donald Trump put an enormous monkey wrench in the Republican’s cake walk into the White House in 2016. The best part, Republicans gave the monkey wrench to Trump. 395 more words

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Jordan Belfort

A lot of folks are not going to like today’s Wednesday Warriors feature. If anything, a lot of folks are going to hate it. To be honest, I wouldn’t be writing this if I hadn’t seen something in… 798 more words

Wednesday Warriors

Gordon Gekko vs. Gordon Gekko

I knew this day was coming, thanks to Citizens United. Once that scheme , you know, rig elections in favor of Republicans, was given the green light by the Robert’s Court, this war between Gordon Gekko and Gordon Gekko was inevitable. 333 more words

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Texas Tea And Black Gold

The mother lode in other words. Look, Donald Trump, the original Good Old Boys, revealed to the world, just how they really feel about Hispanic immigrants. 338 more words

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Movie Recommendations: #45

Wall Street(1987)

Director: Oliver Stone

Starring: Charlie Sheen,Michael Douglas,Daryl Hannah,Martin Sheen.

“Greed,for lack of a better word,is good” says Gordon Gekko(Michael Douglas), a ruthless corporate raider for whom nothing is ever enough. 78 more words


Two Challenging Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities

Two cleantech entrepreneurs wrote to me in the last couple of hours; one discussed a 30 MW wind farm in Michigan and the other a biogas plant in Poland—both legitimate… 263 more words

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