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Gordon Gekko – the Wall Street villain of all time

Whether you have watched the classic movie from 1987 “Wall Street” or not (and if you haven’t yet, just do it) you surely have heard about Grodon Gekko – the fictional icon of the Wall Steeters. 485 more words

Forex For Beginners

Sugar and Spice

I was recently having lunch with a friend of mine.  Really we are just friends.  We have never slept together, and at this point in our relationship, it would be incestuous if we did. 586 more words

Religious Extremists Reaped What They Sow

And guess what, they don’t like it. Well, too bad, because they had no qualms when Republicans kowtowed to them, but as soon as Republicans kowtowed to corporate money, the Religious Extremists felt persecuted and blamed everybody else except Gordon Gekko. 250 more words

Income Equality

The Black wall Street (Part 1)

In the early 1900’s there was a phenomenon happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the sons and daughters of former slaves were paving the way for what would become known as, The Black Wall Street. 438 more words

Billy Joe Watts

Money Never Sleeps

Ah, Jesus. I wish you could see this. Light’s coming up. I’ve never seen a painting that captures the beauty of the ocean at a moment like this.

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Work Life Balance is Overrated

Did I type that out loud?

It’s not true, right? All companies care about work/life balance. It does no good to burn out your employees. When I entered the workforce in the 1980’s, it was the age of Gordon Gekko, Michael Douglas’s ruthless driven character from 1987’s Wall Street. 915 more words

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