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Long Read: Savings all the banks - finance and the failure of satire

A British bank is run with precision…Tradition, discipline and rules must be the tools”

It is more than fifty years since the Sherman brothers, Disney’s in-house composers, felt the unhappy George Banks and his octogenarian employers at… 2,988 more words

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

One of the themes of “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” (2010) is that time is more precious than money. It makes me wonder, then, why filmmaker Oliver Stone fritters away 133 minutes while creating no suspense whatsoever. 62 more words

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Lessons from a Rogue Trader

(For the arts and crafts society, a rogue trader is the suave, smooth-talking financial trader who takes potentially high risks and dances with Lady Luck at somebody else’s expense, literally. 286 more words


What CEOs will do with the cash - You're not going to like it

By David Nelson, CFA

While it may feel like the Trump Rally has exploded out of control we’re still at levels we’ve been flirting with since the dog days of summer. 913 more words

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Nice Guys Finish First

On Monday I had the idea for this week’s post. As you’ll see from the title, it was ‘Nice Guys Finish First.’ And then came Tuesday, and President Elect Donald J. 669 more words

I Used To Be Too Poor To Vote Republican; Now I Hope Loss Aversion Will Save Hillary

For a long while I used to feel I didn’t have enough money that voting Republican could possibly make any sense. Now, though not much wealthier or poorer, I feel I have just enough to lose that the very idea of voting Republican makes zero sense. 221 more words