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The Omnitemporality of God, by Joel Parkinson

“How old is God? One popular answer is to say that God is infinitely old. However that is incorrect. God does not have an age as such, not even an infinite age. 94 more words

Gordon Haddon Clark

The Ethics of Love


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a post about love! Is “love” the only rule of conduct for Christians? How do we define love? How do we practice love? 483 more words


Augustine vs. Aristotle: Truth and Happiness

What is the aim of human endeavor? Is ignorance truly bliss? Gordon H. Clark provides a peek into the happiness-centric ethical philosophies of Aristotle and Augustine (emphasis in bold is my own): 292 more words

Gordon Haddon Clark

What are Good Works?

Here are some helpful comments from Gordon H. Clark which answer the question of how one can know good works from evil ones. Emphasis in bold is my own. 215 more words


Is Man's Will Free from God?

What does it mean to have “free will”? Just what sort of freedom are we talking about? Assuming that man actually has a “free” will, what is it free from? 513 more words

Gordon Haddon Clark

"The Ethics of Abortion" by Gordon H. Clark

Parts of this paper were given in connection with a demonstration before Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Today many hospitals, institutions which are supposed to save life, permit and even encourage their doctors to kill innocent babies. 1,087 more words

Gordon Haddon Clark

Gordon H. Clark on Knowledge as the Basis of Responsibility

The Bible does not work out a theory of voluntary action and deliberate choice. It does, however, base responsibility on knowledge, and allows for greater responsibility, greater sin, and greater punishment in proportion to the amount of knowledge.

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Gordon Haddon Clark