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Seams Legit: Celtics looked terrible, LeBron may have broken his back carrying the Cavs, but can ESPN and Nick Wright PLEASE give the man some room to breathe

I may have dumped all over the refs on Twitter in — deservedly so — but anyone who’s watched a basketball game in their life knows the Celtics looked like TRASH in Game 7. 476 more words

Why injuries are the worst thing ever (The worst NBA injuries this season)

NBA players get injured a lot, and that sucks. Those injuries take a lot of things away from the players, teams, and fans all around the NBA. 883 more words

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2010 NBA Re-Draft: The Gruesome Injury Draft

This is the seventh part in a 14-part series of re-drafts, looking at every NBA draft from 2004 to 2017.

This isn’t opinion or one controversial statistic. 527 more words

NBA Re-Draft

Enough with the Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward Slander

Okay Internet. You win. You got me riled up. Congratulations.

With the successful season the Celtics had without Gordon Hayward and the surprising successful playoffs without Kyrie Irving, people were going to talk. 1,108 more words


Seams Legit: Anyone still think Terry Rozier can do what Kyrie Irving does?

Grant the Celtics this: that game could have finished A LOT worse. There were plenty of instances where it felt like the Cavs were running away with a win, so to only lose by 9 is a step back in the right direction. 370 more words

Underachieving Cavaliers and the Overachieving Celtics

Nobody saw this coming: the Boston Celtics going up 2-0 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, without their two best players in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, 1,016 more words