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Gordon Moore: Fortune Teller of Silicon Valley?

Thackray, Arnold, David C. Brock, and Rachel Jones. Moore’s Law: The Life of Gordon Moore, Silicon Valley’s Quiet Revolutionary. New York, NY: Basic Books, 2015. 1,006 more words

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Sự chấm dứt của Định luật Moore

Posted on 21/05/2015 by The Observer

Nguồn:  “The end of Moore’s law”, The Economist, 19/04/2015.

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Moore's Law

Gordon Moore has perhaps done more to revolutionize our modern world than any other scientist, but few may know about his achievements. On this episode… 16 more words


A Beautiful Question

What do movie stars, ocean sunsets, and the fundamental laws of physics all have in common? On this episode, we discussed the concept of beauty with theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek. 24 more words


"The Computer is Dead. Long Live the Computer"

Keith Hudson

“The King is Dead.  Long Live the King”  That is, the new one!  The same could be said of the car at around 1900. 475 more words

Thomas Friedman: Moore’s Law Turns 50

New York Times — SAN FRANCISCO — On April 19, 1965, just over 50 years ago, Gordon Moore, then the head of research for Fairchild Semiconductor and later one of the co-founders of Intel, was asked by Electronics Magazine to submit an article predicting what was going to happen to integrated circuits, the heart of computing, in the next 10 years. 154 more words


Intel celebrates Moore's Law... with Gordon Moore

It isn’t every day that Silicon Valley celebrates its rich history with someone who created it. Yet at age 86, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore is very much around to remind people of the scientific and commercial breakthrough he made 50 years ago when he explained to the technical community how semiconductors would develop. 448 more words