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"The Computer is Dead. Long Live the Computer"

Keith Hudson

“The King is Dead.  Long Live the King”  That is, the new one!  The same could be said of the car at around 1900. 475 more words

Thomas Friedman: Moore’s Law Turns 50

New York Times — SAN FRANCISCO — On April 19, 1965, just over 50 years ago, Gordon Moore, then the head of research for Fairchild Semiconductor and later one of the co-founders of Intel, was asked by Electronics Magazine to submit an article predicting what was going to happen to integrated circuits, the heart of computing, in the next 10 years. 154 more words


Intel celebrates Moore's Law... with Gordon Moore

It isn’t every day that Silicon Valley celebrates its rich history with someone who created it. Yet at age 86, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore is very much around to remind people of the scientific and commercial breakthrough he made 50 years ago when he explained to the technical community how semiconductors would develop. 448 more words


Das Mooresche Gesetz ('Moore's Law') ist 50

Ursprünglich definierte der Intel-Mitbegründer Gordon Moore 1965 das nach ihm benannte “Gesetz” als jährliche Verdoppelung der Anzahl der Komponenten auf einem Chip und korrigierte seine These zehn Jahre darauf auf einen zweijährlichen Rhythmus. 32 more words


Ley Moore llega a 50 años y te contamos de que se trata

Quizá la ley más importante y respetada dentro del mundo de la tecnología es la ley Moore, en este post te contaremos de que se trata y te daremos algunos datos interesantes de su autor. 221 more words


[VIDEO] Gordon Moore: Thoughts on the 50th Anniversary of Moore’s Law

This April marks the 50th Anniversary of Moore’s Law. Three years before co-founding Intel, Gordon Moore made a simple observation that has revolutionized the computing industry. 42 more words


Why Your Midlife Crisis Might Be the Key to Your Success

It’s never too late to succeed. See which successful startup founders hit their stride in midlife

by Larry Kim | Wordstream

In a world that seems rife with… 347 more words