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Intel CEO: Moore's law is not dead

”Intel founder Gordon Moore declared half a century ago that computer power would roughly double every two years as the silicon chips powering them developed,” Cara McGoogan reports for The Telegraph. 171 more words


Intel Museum

I recently visited the Intel Museum in Santa Clara. This museum showcases the history of Intel.

Here are five nuggets that I gleaned from my time at the museum. 445 more words


Graphics Cards and Moore's Law

After seeing the new GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti, my mind is intrigued.

These graphics cards are being called the kings of 1080p gaming, running Battlefield 1 in the low 60s in terms of FPS (frames per second). 617 more words


The Butcher of Tiananmen Square

Bob Noyce had been the first senior leader of Intel to go to China.  He had gone there in late 1982 and met with Deng Xiaoping.   1,660 more words

From Futurist to Nowist

Director of MIT Media Lab, Joi Ito gave TED Talk on becoming a “now-ist” instead of being a “futurist”. In this talk, Ito describes how he was in Cambridge at MIT when… 538 more words

Business Transformation

Netflix law

Nowadays, Netflix almost takes the place of traditional cable cast especially in United States. The company has 46M subscribers in US, and 79M subscribers worldwide in the 2nd quarter of 2016. 279 more words

Data Science


A visit to Intel Museum is Santa Clara was in my bucket list for over a decade. I had driven past Intel so many times, and yet never made the right turn to Intel’s campus and to the Robert Noyce building where the museum is located. 166 more words