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Plugging a good cause

Forgive me for promoting, but we’ve a friend who has an fascinating project on the go: Professor Gordon Murray (F1 designer) and his design team have been developing the OX flat-pack truck, designed with a view to benefiting people living in remote villages and townships across Africa and other parts of the developing world; in fact it could be shipped in as a flatpack to emergencies anywhere in the world, it takes 3 people to build in a day, and can overcome almost any terrain. 109 more words

The Return of K. Gordon Murray

You remember K. Gordon Murray, right, the mastermind behind the American dub of the Mexican film Santa Claus (Spanish: Santa Claus)? Well it turns out he made more films. 1,422 more words

McLaren F1 designer makes 'world's first flat-pack truck'

Gordon Murray, the brain behind McLaren’s famous F1 supercar, has designed a vehicle that is far from a supercar but, in his own words, “ranks above anything else I’ve ever done.” 126 more words