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The Return of K. Gordon Murray

You remember K. Gordon Murray, right, the mastermind behind the American dub of the Mexican film Santa Claus (Spanish: Santa Claus)? Well it turns out he made more films. 1,422 more words

McLaren F1 designer makes 'world's first flat-pack truck'

Gordon Murray, the brain behind McLaren’s famous F1 supercar, has designed a vehicle that is far from a supercar but, in his own words, “ranks above anything else I’ve ever done.” 126 more words


Gordon Murray 1921-2016

It was with much sadness that I received the news of Gordon Murray’s passing recently. In 2014 I interviewed Gordon about his war experiences. Gordon and his two brothers all attended Emanuel in the 1930s. 1,092 more words

Second World War

Time flies by when I'm the driver of a train

The first time I really became aware of television was the early 1980s. There were four channels filled with light entertainment, grainy video-shot soaps and the slightly creepy atonal horn motif that denoted the Open University programmes. 1,135 more words

Jigsaw Puzzle Memory

It was announced today that a man named Gordon Murray had died at the age of 95. The name meant nothing to me, but the achievement did. 706 more words

The Goggle-Box


So, another back is stabbed, the latest in a frenzy of dagger-wielding to put Norman Bates to shame. Dave stabs Gove; Gove stabs Dave; Boris stabs Dave; Gove stabs Boris. 1,227 more words


Gordon Murray (1921 - 2016)

The news of Gordon Murray’s death closes another door on the golden age of British children’s television.  Camberwick Green (1966), Trumpton (1967) and Chigley (1969) were repeated for decades by the BBC and were then later picked up by Channel 4 and Nickelodeon Junior. 464 more words