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Rediscovering Gordon Parks' courageous photography

Rediscovering Gordon Parks’ courageous photography via @CBSThisMorning

Rediscovering Gordon Parks’ courageous photography

Gordon Parks’ photography helped awaken America at the dawn of the civil rights era, but some of his most important early work seemed lost

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Nesbit Likes: The Funeral by Gordon Parks

Revisiting a place of childhood, you might find things are different. Of course, the council might have moved that shopping mall, the botanists might no longer grow their gardens. 286 more words


Shaft (1971)

Private eye John Shaft is hired by a crime boss to find his kidnapped daughter and gets caught up in the crossfire of a war between Harlem gangsters and the Mafia. 207 more words


The value of Contact Sheets

To follow-up on the brilliant Gordon Parks exhibition there is another aspect besides the person himself that is awesome as a photographer. In addition to his final pictures, stories and movies there are also a fair amount of contact sheets shown. 800 more words

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Dark 2 Dawn - A Bike Ride Through Black History

“Was your master a righteous man?”

“He owned negroes, how righteous could he be?”

History came alive in the early morning hours at Fort Snelling as the bike tour met Dred Scott, an enslaved man made famous by the Supreme Court decision bearing his name. 1,618 more words

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Follow your creative vision

In regards to the current exhibition of Gordon Parks in Berlin I wanted to share some thoughts on his life and work which may also inspire yourself. 681 more words

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Stacy Boulevard construction update: historic Blynman the Cut Bridge

Two hundred feet of canal gravity wall is being reconstructed, extending from the bridge tender’s house around where you see visible in the photographs. This section of sea wall was dry laid granite block. 259 more words

Good Morning Gloucester