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More madness from the professor's video shoot

Eccentric? Moi?

There’s nothing mental about dressing up as an owl… I went to my school prom dressed as an owl and it was a hoot. 23 more words

My first top ten...

I created this using my alter ego Gordon Vader… He’s a great resource when I want to say things that I shouldn’t, can’t, or am just worried about getting sued over… 26 more words

The Cuckoo Hole

Who's Coup?

If you are following the blog or the band or indeed both then you’ll know The Dark Design is as much about the story as the music…. 693 more words

An extract from the forthcoming novella The Red Queen


An extract from The Red Queen… Once Again I am pleased to be able to offer up an image, which conjures the essence of the tale… this image, once again captured by my Spectramera is a vision of the Enitiy who rules the Crimson Palace, but I am glad to say a safer version…  If this is you then get in touch because there is something I would like to tell you… (These images are all my own work by the way) 1,934 more words