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Uma Noite de Crime - Ano de Eleição (The Purge: Election Year) - 2016

Este ano pode ser o último com o passe-livre para cometer crimes por uma noite.

Os sádicos mascarados anuais estão de volta e com eles, agora mais forte do que nunca, está a discussão sobre a legitimidade do feriado sangrento. 724 more words


The Windmill (2016) - REVIEW

Here’s what I know about Dutch horror films – not much. Isn’t the guy who directed The Human Centipede (and its sequels) Dutch? Wait – does “Dutch” mean “from Holland”? 765 more words


31 (2016) - REVIEW

As I’ve mentioned before, Rob Zombie’s films have mixed appeal for me. I enjoyed House of 1000 Corpses for the most part, I liked The Devil’s Rejects quite a bit, I loved The Lords of Salem, and I (mostly) hated his Halloween interpretations. 704 more words


Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) - REVIEW

I’d heard / read some decent things about the zombie-comedy, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse , when it came out. (i won’t use the term zom-com no matter how much time I’m trying to save) I figured I’d check it out eventually, but I didn’t put it high on my priorities list. 611 more words


Você é o Próximo (You’re Next) - 2011

Uma reunião de família se torna mais desagradável e sangrenta do que o de costume.

Alguns filmes de terror necessitam de pompa para seduzir o público. 802 more words


REVIEW - Lake Nowhere (2015)

If you’ve heard of Lake Nowhere, then you might be a bit surprised to see it here at NoRealDanger. “What are you doing reviewing a short film, idiot?!” you may be screaming at your screen. 481 more words


REVIEW - The Mind’s Eye (2016)

I saw Joe Begos’s Almost Human here in Chicago a couple of years ago when he and star/editor Josh Ethier were touring with it. It was a refreshing throwback to the sci-fi horror films of the 80s. 781 more words