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What do you think would be the top 100 ....


…….. Horror Movies if we were to list them?

What do you think?

What would YOU, yes you – the one reading this now, expect to see in a top 100 Horror films? 238 more words


EVIL DEAD (2013) Groovy?

Remakes by and large are usually a steaming pile of garbage but there are sometimes some exceptions. Case in point, check out my Better Than The Original series. 1,185 more words


Gnarly Elm

I haven’t been completely distracted by all the beautiful spring blossom that we’re currently enjoying. This gnarly old elm tree attracted my attention and I took some time out to photograph its features…its an impressive tree! 18 more words

New Zealand


The walls of this cold, lonely, crowded place were thin enough now that the Lost and Broken and Forgotten could see the living pacing on the other side. 105 more words


SFX Makeup Kit Essentials

 November is coming– that means there is HALLOWEEN PARTY. It’s a festival known for the creepy and scary thing. As we know makeup has an important part for this festival and it’s also a task which we love to do at least. 304 more words

Fist of Jesus feature - sometimes I really love the internet

I follow a few random forums and groups that like sharing all kinds of movies and yesterday I saw this film posted on it. Boy am I glad that I clicked on it. 318 more words