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Day 181 (Australia - The Gibb Day 22)

I see a great variety of items lying on the Gibb River Road. Today, as if a sign from above, there was a maroon-coloured, faux-leather-bound, gold-embossed Holy Bible lying in the dust. 125 more words


Day 180 (Australia - The Gibb Day 21)

As I passed the radio at the entrance to Mornington Road I found treasure: a half-frozen bottle of water and a kiwi fruit, left for me by Di and Laura, staff from Mornington who had passed by earlier in the morning. 171 more words


The Gorge

Crete is the most southern point of Greece, nearly as close to Africa as it is Athens. So it’s safe to say it gets pretty hot. 901 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge ( of Yangtze River 2 )

This is a sequel to my last post.

This photo is more stunning than the two I posted yesterday.

The steep cliff overlooking the Yangtze River is just striking. 29 more words


A heritage walk along the Gorge Waterway

Armed with my camera and heritage walks brochures, I set out to explore the Gorge Waterway’s history through three Greater Victoria municipalities. 1,635 more words


Walk the line in the Samaria Gorge in Crete - short way & long way - same same but different

When in Crete do as the hiking-nature-loving tourists do and go to the Samaria Gorge.

It is one of the longest gorges in Europe. It is an epic hike, in the Crete’s only national park and provides stunning views. 1,177 more words



Meaning: Satisfy to the full (desire or an appetite). Supply (someone) with as much as or more of something than is desired or can be managed. 40 more words

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