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Linguine with peas, leeks and gorgonzola

Using up the leftovers from Christmas and New Year holidays.

I found myself with lots of cream and cheese leftover from the holidays.  Sent hubby off to work with vegetable chili with extra tomato salsa, avocado and a pot of soured cream.  164 more words


Jalapeno Poppers

By Adrianne Jamieson

My local fruit and veg store always sells fresh jalapeno’s and I love buying them!

I don’t find them as spicy as you would think, I enjoy them as a little heat but nothing I can’t handle. 397 more words


Shades of Green

Garlic / Champagne vinegar / Honey / Chives / Granny Smith apple / Avocado / Lemon / Cucumber / Pistachios / Raisins / Gorgonzola 

Original recipe


Pear carpaccio with gorgonzola

Pears / Gorgonzola / Valerianella / Lemon / Walnut / Spring onion / Honey / Black pepper / Maldon salt

Original recipe


A Little Tree Pie for Christmas

Since my entries are so few and far between these days, I jump at any chance I get to cook a recipe from my “Plenty” cookbook! 385 more words

Chicken, Mozzarella & Gorgonzola Strudel

Strudels are a versatile bunch, really – they can be sweet like the traditional apple strudel, or savoury with either meats or simply vegetarian.  I keep phyllo dough on hand in the freezer for a quick make-ahead meal; I mix the stuffing together in the afternoon and roll it up into the dough, flip it seam-side down on an oven tray lined with baking paper, then score a few steam-vent gashes with a knife, brush it with a bit of cream or whipped egg, and pop it in the cold oven.  330 more words


Gustosa from Cittadella Pizza 

This was one pizza that helped me discover a must have ingredient on all my Cittadella pizzas now – glazed Italian vinegar ! Oh my, it is soooooo good! 24 more words

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