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Smells like cheese...

Our tiny house has the wonderful aroma of maturing cheese at the moment… It’s the Gorgonzola, so it’s perhaps a little pungent to some, ok maybe even for this cheese “wannabe aficionado”! 474 more words


Empty fridge recipe : Cheesy pasta and salad

Salad : check.

Pasta : check.

Sauce : Fried garlic, onion, spicy little pepper mixed with 100 ml of the boiling pasta water, 100 grams of spicy gorgonzola, 50 grams of parmigiano and loads of chopped fresh parsley.

Serve. Buon appetito!


Creamy Chicken Gorgonzola Pasta

This is indulgent to say the least, the thick creamy cheese sauce dolloped lovingly over fresh pasta brings the words “Comfort Food” to life. This recipe is one of those where you won’t need every ingredient to be exact and I will throw in suggestions for variations. 479 more words


Special 2-5 August

As we commence this last month of winter we’re featuring one of our favourite winter specials … garlic, provolone, mushrooms, gorgonzola and fresh rocket. For the vegetarians this one is just perfect, however the protein lovers are probably going to like a ribbon or two of prosciutto added…either way it’s delicious! 81 more words

Weekly Pizza Special

Gorgonzola, Parma Ham Penne Pasta  

Robust flavours inspired by a special person, who fervently introduced me to baked blue cheese black mushrooms wrapped in Parma ham (YUM) These complimentary delicious flavours inspired me to make this simple, salty and silky 15-minute pasta. 178 more words

Gnocchis au gorgonzola

Fatigué·e ? Il faut faire un dîner, mais en 5 minutes ? Point de panique. Les gnocchis sont là.

Pour le moment, partons du principe que vous avez acheté un paquet de gnocchis au supermarché. 203 more words

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Grilled steak & Gorgonzola pizza with Balsamic reduction via beautiful-foods

Grilled steak & Gorgonzola pizza with Balsamic reduction via beautiful-foods