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Custom Gorilla

Jakks head on a stripped down Nasty Boys body, with different boots.

Memory Lane: Gorilla Monsoon

Just to show you that even pro wrestling is more tasteful than our politics, these days, here’s what happened in 1976 when Muhammad Ali, the world heavyweight boxing champion, took on the late Gorilla Monsoon (1937-1999). 226 more words


7-12-2016: The Dream Double Date

Hello to any and all who may be reading this. We’re in the midst of possible thunderstorms here in Central Indiana. Not surprisingly I’m in the midst of setting up to do homework for tomorrow evening. 1,719 more words

Indianapolis Colts

Old School WWF Commentating Team

Gorilla is a custom using a Jakks Gorilla head on a Mattel build-a-figure Paul Bearer.

Wrestling's Living Legend Bruno Sammartino (WF023)


What can you say about Bruno Sammartino that hasn’t already been said? He carried the WWWF on his back for the better part of 20 years as wrestling shifted from reality to sports entertainment. 5,777 more words

Gorilla Monsoon

Wrestling's Bloopers, Bleeps & Bodyslams (WF001)

The WWF was hot in 1985! They had been on MTV and NBC. WrestleMania and Mr. T were a thing! Which means it was time for the WWF to invade the home video market. 1,961 more words