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Anton Geesink vs Gorilla Monsoon-AJPW Judo Jacket Match 13.6.1974.

The first ever Openweight Judo Olympic Champion faces off against Gorilla Monsoon in a special “judo jacket” rules match. In practice this essentially means they have to wear a judogi and pins last 20 seconds instead of 3, otherwise it’s the standard 2/3 falls formula of the times. 116 more words


Put Up Your Dukes: The Great 'Duke of Dorchester' Pete Doherty

Brian Damage

There are few jobbers quite as iconic as Pete ‘The Duck of Dorchester’ Doherty who boasted a win/loss ration like no other – heavily skewered, however, in the favour of loses… Today we look at his legendary streak at the time that Curt Hawkins is on one similar. 950 more words



On March 27th 1988, Don’t Turn Around by Aswad was number one in the UK (huh huh… ass wad), Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson was number one in the USA (huh huh… jacks on) and the number one movie at the box office was Biloxi Blues which I have legitimately never even heard of, but that’s not surprising, because nobody was at the movies that day, everyone was at home watching Wrestlefuckingmania. 314 more words

Inktober Day 19

Old School Wrestling Week begins with the greatest broadcast duo of all time!


This Day In History (October 6th): Gorilla Monsoon Passes Away

On this day in professional wrestling history (October 6th, 1999), Robert James “Gino” Marella, best known to the wrestling world as Gorilla Monsoon, died of heart failure brought on by complications brought on by diabetes in his home in Willingboro Township, New Jersey. 949 more words

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WESTSIDEDOOM - "Gorilla Monsoon"

YES! WESTSIDEDOOM is now in motion! One of my favorite rappers for the past year has been WESTSIDEGUNN while MF DOOM is in my top 5. 45 more words