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Uganda: the human story behind gorilla tourism

In 2014, the Oscar-nominated documentary Virunga exposed the threat to gorillas in Congo, but in neighbouring Uganda the Batwa – who have shared forests with mountain gorillas for generations – face a struggle for survival. 44 more words



Primate watching enthusiasts have one more reason to smile. Basing on the recent gorilla census carried out in Bwindi, it was confirmed that while the official population of mountain gorillas in this UNESCO world Heritage Site has been known to be around 30 gorillas since 2006, just three quarters of the total population of these apes (Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo share the remaining quarter), these closest cousins to humans had increased to a whooping 400, which indeed is good news to us and the whole world!!!! 355 more words

Gorilla Tourism: Look, but don't touch or get touched

Few experiences tug on emotional heartstrings like experiencing wildlife, especially what conservationists like to call C.M.V.s – Charismatic Mega Vertebrates – things like giant pandas, elephants, tigers, and great apes, up close and personal. 754 more words

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