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“Teacher seeks pupil. Must have earnest desire to save the world.

Apply in person” 

(Daniel Quinn, Ishmael).

If this ad would spike your curiosity, read “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn. 748 more words

Creative Writing

Lions, Gorillas, and Sea Lions...Oh My?

At twenty years old, given the choice to look at lions or play on some rocks, I would choose lions, which shows I may have waited a little bit too long to experience the Bronx Zoo for the first time.   655 more words

Baby Gorillas

Gorilla Finds Comfort with Park Ranger

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the act of poaching is an everyday and very unfortunate event that takes place and sadly becomes the reality for many of the animals who call this place home. 355 more words


This Single Photo Captures the Very Best, as Well as the Very Worst, of Human Nature.

Park-ranger, Patrick Karabaranga, comforting a gorilla after it’s mother was killed by a poacher.

Location: Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Conservation efforts have led to recent successes in restoring the wild gorilla population, but, as showcased by the heartbroken expressions on the faces of both the gorilla and the consoling park ranger, there is still much to be done. 17 more words


The privileges of travelling

Travel has become a way of life for me. Work is just something I do to fill in the gaps between trips. I am currently working as a teacher in Brazil so I am not particularly well-off and usually travel on the cheap, backpacker-style. 721 more words


Gorilla marketing

I’m sure you’ve noticed that SlapSad has been off the grid for quite some time now. As Director of Public Relations, I’d like to officially apologize for the absence and offer an explanation. 273 more words