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HW ASSIGNMENT: The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give you a taste of the kind of thing that I’m doing in one of my MLS courses. This week we were assigned to read a Newbery Award winning book and I chose… 544 more words


Gorillas freak me out. Thanks a lot Henry Winkler.

This is a story about that most gentile of creatures – the gorilla. Our close relative who, not unlike your weird 3rd cousin at family reunions, freaks you out for no apparent reason other than he looks like he could tear your head from your shoulders if you mention that Miller is actually NOT the champagne of beers, but really bottled piss. 954 more words

The Gorilla in the Room

A woman dressed as a gorilla stood before us gyrating
she was more and less than the absurdist artist might convey
she was the shadow of the self… 49 more words


Koko The Sign Language Gorilla Showing Signs Of Actual Speech

Much has been written about 44-year-old Koko, the gorilla who allegedly knows more than a thousand signs in American Sign Language, as well as a modified sign language she made up herself called “Gorilla Sign Language.” (She’s pictured above with Robin Williams, and was reportedly saddened over news of his death.) 380 more words


The world's most famous gorilla is showing signs of early speech

Koko, a 44-year-old gorilla famous for her ability to communicate with keepers using sign language, is now showing signs of early speech. “Koko has developed vocal and breathing behaviors associated with the ability to talk, which were previously thought to be impossible in her species,” … 463 more words

Gorillas could learn how to talk, says scientist

A researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison believes that he may have discovered that apes could talk. Scientists have been trying to learn a gorilla how to use her larynx, which, according to them, could eventually result in speech. 454 more words

Book Of Truth