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I stumbled on these photos as I was going through my archives. For some reason they amuse me – I can think of twenty good captions for each of them. 92 more words

10 Highlights of the San Diego Zoo

Having been regular visitors to the Auckland Zoo, even before the twin tornados were born, it was natural that we’d gravitate to animal activity on our first family weekend expedition – to the… 1,393 more words


Durrell: Monkeying Around

One of my most beloved of creatures are primates, from the critically endangered mountain gorillas to the orange man of the forest and the mohawk toting macaques to the ones with most hauntingly beautiful of songs – the gibbon. 1,032 more words


Monkeying Around

You’ve heard of the brass monkey. Well this isn’t it.
Look at this guy, he looks like some kind of Buddha, except in cardboard. I really liked the cardboard since it reminded me of a sculpture I made in art school of a foot. 353 more words


Silverback Gorilla

Imposing, grand, primitive, huge…yet with human eyes and expressions, enormous black fingers delicately and expertly stripping away thorns from vegetation, possibly ignoring you altogether or looking you straight in the eye.   135 more words


Quickie - Gorillas and evolution's early history

Copyright 2015, Dennis Mitton

I’m smack dab in the middle of cleaning up some archives but want to post this fascinating story that ties in so intrinsically to early evolution wars and the culture they rose from. 107 more words