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Gorilla Tape - Apr 6

I didn’t expect to see gorilla’s in a hardware store :)

Future Famous Fotos

Saturday at the Bronx Zoo

To celebrate the beautiful Saturday weather, we went to the Bronx Zoo!

We had a great time. I love looking at all the different animals from around the world — I could stare at the exhibits all day. 59 more words


Gorillas in Motion

We went to the zoo today and these big guys were awake and active; definitely in motion, chasing one another around. One took a large plastic trashcan lid and charged another, throwing the lid at him. 13 more words


Hetisani and Ubuntu Philosophy, Tree Roots, and Being King

I visited Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park last week and while walking the Safari Trek, I met a delightful employee from South Africa. He worked as an interpreter for Africa, and his name is Hetisani. 837 more words



Part two, fellow denizens of the interwebs!  Posting these in roughly the order they were taken, so these just happen to all be apes and monkeys from Lincoln Park Zoo.


Castor or Pollux? by Dan Reiter

I was rewriting the first sentence for the eighty-seventh time when I smelled it. Hot, rancid tang. Funk of Virunga.

“Olfactory hallucination,” I told myself. Deleted a word. 252 more words

Featured Rare Flash

Watch Silverback Gorilla Put "Shatterproof" Glass To The Test

I’ve seen silverback-gorillas in a zoo. They were in a DEN. Where was I, you ask in that smart-ass racist-jocular tone? 246 more words