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Frases de músicas que gosto

Love forever love is free
Let’s turn forever you and me
Windmill, windmill for the land
Is everybody in?

Gorillaz é um fenômeno. Criado pelo vocalista do Blur, Damon Albarn e o desenhista Jamie Hewlett, tem músicas espetaculares, dancantes, inebriantes e lindas.

Frases Que Gosto

Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc."

I try once more to use the Gorillaz style but this print I personally feel like I fell short. The fence should have extended further right and I messed up on Noodle’s (Guitarist) left arm.


Gorillaz "On Melancholy Hill"

Once again I show how much I love the Gorillaz’s art style and work


Gorillaz "Demon Days"

Another one of my favorite artists, the Gorillaz. Their artistic style is one that fascinates me and I love making work that reflects their style and characters.


Hackskeptic's 500 Greatest Songs: Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

280 – Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc (2005)
Produced by Gorillaz, Danger Mouse, James Dring and Jason Cox
Label – Polydor

Damon Albarn’s cartoon band were the outlet for his wildly experimental tendencies into all the genres he would have never ventured into as a mere human pop/rock star. 33 more words


Ilustradores favoritos (Ejercicio_02)

Es difícil elegir algún ilustrador ya que no tengo alguno predilecto sin embargo me gusta mucho el estilo de estos dos:

Jamie Hewlett

Nicolas Delort 40 more words

Ejercicio #2 Ilustrador Favorito

Sweet and Sultry Saturday w/ Little Dragon

Who:  Little Dragon

When:  May 23, 2015

Where:  Malkin Bowl, Vancouver

Why:  Amazing venue, start the summer right (and a month early), sweet vocals, smooth sounds, awesome Indietronica… 303 more words