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Goshen 2 - Keeping Open Eyes

This is our little project, keeping our eyes open to the beauty in all the little things around us.

This image is taken on Lawyer’s Row, Goshen NY. 113 more words

Gray's Reflections

20 Day Challenge #1: Genesis 46:28-34, 47

Read through the chapters and then go over them again and write out what you notice in your notebook. You can use the following to guide you if you wish. 117 more words

The 20 Day Challenge

How to enjoy your own backyard: A world according to the Nelson Brothers

Elmer, Arthur and Walter Nelson lived in the small town of Goshen, New Hampshire, in the late 19th century. They used incredible imagination to make the most of their rural home by creating a remarkably detailed imaginary world right in their own backyard. 400 more words

Book History

Diary of Angelika Graswald - Rough sex and Pressure to Participate in Threesomes ... Potential Reasons for Murdering Kayaking Fiance Vincent Viafore

WESTCHESTER NEWS 12 GOSHEN – In an exclusive interview from the Orange County Jail, the woman accused of killing her fiance while kayaking shared intimate details of their relationship and maintained her innocence. 74 more words


Did Joseph Do It To His Own People while in Egypt?

It Was Joseph’s Fault. The group of Jacob’s band of 70 to 80 people had moved to Egypt during the height of a 7 year famine that included surrounding lands. 1,044 more words


Community and the Regathering of Ephraim

Some would call it synchronicity, I would point to the Ruach (Spirit).  This week has pulled together several very interesting threads that I’d like to share. 1,561 more words

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[caption id="attachment_2680" align="alignleft" width="198"]Two examples of Israelite communities:  Top - The Pilgrims of Massachusetts ("The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth", by Jennie Augusta Brownscomb); Bottom - A Jewish community in Central Europe ("In the Shtetl", by Ludwig Knaus) Two examples of Israelite communities: Top - The Pilgrims of Massachusetts ("The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth", by Jennie Augusta Brownscomb); Bottom - A Jewish community in Central Europe ("In the Shtetl", by Ludwig Knaus)[/caption] How did the people of God know that it was time to leave Egypt? When Moses and Aaron gave instructions for the first Passover, how did the word get out to the people of Israel and the mixed multitude who joined them that they needed to put the lamb’s blood on their doors to escape the Angel of Death? How did the people get instructions on when to pack and where to assemble for the Exodus? They must have had some kind of communication system to send that news all up and down the Nile Valley, and people must have begun assembling before the Passover happened. How, in the days before the Internet and instantaneous global communication, could they do this? They did it in the very same way that people have done such things from the beginning of time: they sent the word out through the community. News of each event from the moment of Moses’ return to Pharaoh’s decree expelling Israel from Egypt progressed by word of mouth through established communities in Goshen and elsewhere in Egypt. Why would we expect our God to do any different in this day when He is rebuilding His nation? When He began regathering our brethren of Judah He worked through Jewish communities which had been established for centuries and which had an identity as Jews and as Israelites. It was in these Jewish communities that the Zionist Movement took root, and through them that the Zionist dream achieved fulfillment. If this is indeed the time in which He is regathering the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel (Ephraim), then we who are beginning to identify as part of the nation should consider how we can establish communities just as our ancestors did.  This is a subject we should discuss and act upon if we are to move into what our Father has promised.  Peter Vest, author of the Orthodox Messianic Judaism, is offering his thoughts on the subject.  Consider his recent post, “Real vs. Virtual Community”.  His thoughts are part of dialogue he and Pete Rambo at natsab have shared in recent days.  Pete’s post, “Community and the Regathering of Ephraim”, provides much food for thought and prayer, and considerable inspiration for action!

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Goshen, IN police search for missing teen | Local - WSBT.com

GOSHEN – Police are searching for a missing 16-year-old girl from Goshen.

Michealle Archila has been missing since March 6.

Police say she may been in the company of adult relatives and may still be in Indiana, or may have traveled to California.