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Promises are not Dependent on Circumstances

Back in“I Will…” all those weeks ago we saw that GOD promised Abram that he would be made into a great nation. It is not until we get to this section of Genesis that we begin to really see this. 511 more words

Bible Journaling

1990-1991 Goshen Redskins

Randy Bowling
Chad Defrees
Dwayne Dupree
Jon Everingham
Matt Faldoe
Jarrod Gamauf
Ryan Gingerich
Matt Grieser
Steve Kercher
Sean Kintigh
Marty Miller
Mike Miller… 25 more words

The Indiana High School Boys Basketball Team Rosters Library

Brandon, Sudbury, Whiting, Leicester, Goshen

The Race to the Top of Vermont is tomorrow so we decided to keep things low-key today. Somehow in our many Addison County rides, we had managed to miss out on Whiting. 153 more words

Desserts Guide: Goshen, Indiana

Earlier this April, I made my first trip up to Goshen thanks in part to my dad’s work. Though my initial trip was short, it was incredibly sweet and very memorable. 244 more words

The Hudsucker

Desserts Guide: Goshen, Indiana

Goshen, Indiana may be a vibrant and artsy city with a bustling foodie scene of delightful restaurants, but these Hoosiers are real dessert lovers at heart. 1,406 more words


Le déni

“Time takes all and gives all.”
Giordano Bruno

Denying the truth doesn’t change the facts about life and the circumstances we find ourselves in. You can learn a lot from your past and the choices you made when you aren’t so busy denying each and every one of them. 101 more words


Genesis 46 - So Israel set out with all he had.

Genesis 46

Osmer Harris

Prelude: The brothers, many of them now into their sixties, have returned from Egypt once again. Judah, for whatever reason, may be the spokesman, and they have worked hard at convincing Jacob, their father, that Joseph is alive and is offering them salvation in Egypt. 2,179 more words