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The Gospel Changes Everything

First Corinthians 15:1-2 is one of the reasons why I am convinced that the gospel is not just for non-Christians. Whether you are only two months in the faith or over twenty years, you need to hear the gospel – the life, death and resurrection of Jesus for us – over and over and over again. 177 more words

Gospel Conversations

It's Not About Social Justice

My wife and I are like any other married couple; we’ve got issues. Those issues, if not taken care of, hinder us from growing in our relationship with one another. 1,028 more words

Core commitment 1: graciously and uncompromisingly evangelical

We will remain graciously and uncompromisingly evangelical:

  • Everything we are and everything we do must be rooted in, centered on and permeated by the evangel…
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Church Life

On Identity & Jesus & Rude Men in Coffee Shops.

“You seem like a smart girl,” he said, a hint of frustration in his voice.
“Why are you throwing your life away?”

I met Chad in a coffee shop. 711 more words


The Gospel, the Multicultural Church, and the Korean-American Church

As a Korean-American man who serves in a Korean-American church, it doesn’t seem like my place to talk about multi-cultural churches (from here, I’ll use “KA” for “Korean-American”). 2,057 more words

Sincere Faith

Sincere faith… Doesn’t that phrase just capture your attention? I began studying 2 Timothy last week, but didn’t get very far before coming across that phrase. 670 more words

How Do You Make Bible-Reading a Priority?

If I were to ask you what you think of as important in your walk with Christ, what would your answer be? I’m not talking something super deep; I’m just talking about the basics that we all need in order to deepen our walk with Christ. 1,127 more words