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Bringing the Gospel to Middle School

Truly gospel-centered curriculum is pretty hard to find to begin with, let alone for middle-schoolers, who are all-too-often overlooked as an audience . Deborah Harrell and Jack Klumpenhower have just made that task, at least, noticeably easier. 342 more words

True Love

Defining Love | 23 Things That Love Is

LOVE IS… being willing to have your life complicated by the needs and struggles of others without impatience or anger. 617 more words

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Tell Them About Christ

“Tell the young, tell the poor, tell the aged, tell the ignorant, tell the sick, tell the dying — tell them all about Christ. Tell them of His power, and tell them of His love; tell them of His doings, and tell them of His feelings; tell them what He has done for the chief of sinners; tell them what He is willing to do until the last day of time; tell it to them over and over again. 45 more words


Alex Early and the Reckless Love of God

“The Christian’s identity is good news.” – Alex Early

This statement is the heart of the gospel, the good news of Jesus.

It is also t heart behind Alex Early’s life.

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What Does ‘Christ-centered’ Mean and Why is it Important?

Words tend to become meaningless over time, especially when used often. There are several words in our English language that have all but lost their meaning and thus their full impact in communication. 1,187 more words

What Does It Mean to be "Gospel-Centered"?

Jerry Bridges:

Being gospel-centered means relying on the shed blood and righteous life of Jesus for our standing and acceptance with God. It means that we seek to obey and serve God out of gratitude for what he has done rather than obeying and serving in an effort to earn his acceptance.

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Gospel vs. Legalism

What is the difference between legalism and the gospel?

  • Legalism (or Moralism) says God looks at how well we keep the law.
  • The Gospel says we are hidden in Christ.
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