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Kevin Vanhoozer on the Task of Preaching

What do we “do” as preachers? Are we giving people more information (biblical, practical, spiritual)? Are we giving them encouragement? Are we shaping their affections? Kevin Vanhoozer has a suggestion…. 159 more words


Illustration of a Healthy Church

If our congregation were to be a church with the gospel, plus a group that enjoys being together in community, but we were not on mission to reach out to our neighbors and the Nations, for the sake of advancing Christ’s Kingdom, then we would just be another social club for people to attend. 218 more words


Gospel-Centered Bible Reading

Siyempre kapag New Year, usong-uso ang mga resolutions. Meron tungkol sa diet (babawasan na ang katakawan), sa health (mag-eexercise na), sa social media (bawas Facebook), sa pera (magtitipid na), sa mag-asawa (regular nang magdedate). 3,434 more words


Theology as Discipleship

Theology is irrelevant to our life as Christians.

At least that’s what many evangelicals tend to believe. There is this thought that runs through much of evangelicalism that theology is either irrelevant because we should be focusing on practical things. 384 more words


Lahat-Lahat (Col. 4:7-18)

Lahat naman ng tao may misyon sa buhay. Ang iba ang misyon ay magpakayaman. Ang iba ay maging popular. Ang iba makarating kung saan-saan. Lahat may misyon sa buhay, mamili ka kung ano ang misyong di mo pagsisisihan, di mo panghihinayangan, di mo masasabing nasayang ang buhay mo. 3,241 more words


Not Just Warm Fuzzies

I just looked back at the first post of my new blog and realized that it may sound a little flowery at first, as though future posts will be dreamy and inspirational and full of warm fuzzies.   314 more words

How to Read the Bible (2 Tim. 3:14-17)

500 years ago, the church was very different than it was today. 500 years ago, the church was organized under the pope in the Roman Catholic system, which acted more like a government than a church. 2,380 more words

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