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Not Just Warm Fuzzies

I just looked back at the first post of my new blog and realized that it may sound a little flowery at first, as though future posts will be dreamy and inspirational and full of warm fuzzies.   314 more words

Big Picture

How to Read the Bible (2 Tim. 3:14-17)

500 years ago, the church was very different than it was today. 500 years ago, the church was organized under the pope in the Roman Catholic system, which acted more like a government than a church. 2,380 more words

The Bible

Big Girl Pants, Future Plans, & Rope Swings

Me and Little Guy had spent our morning inside; beating the bad guys, playing piano, and eating pancakes. That is, until he couldn’t handle the stillness anymore. 865 more words

Divorce and the Gospel

Our readings yesterday  from Matthew 17 and Mark include Jesus’ comment on divorce. A few things are made clear by the Lord concerning marriage and divorce. 496 more words


Fill Your Affections with the Cross of Christ

Labour, therefore, to fill your hearts with the cross of Christ. Consider the sorrows he underwent, the curse he bore, the blood he shed, the cries he uttered, the love that was in all this to your souls, and the mystery of the grace of God in it. 110 more words


How to Win the Battle for Your Heart

Christians are in a battle with the world. A battle that rages continually as we are confronted with promises of pleasure, joy, and satisfaction at every turn. 638 more words


6 Ways to Begin Developing a Gospel-Centered Culture

Over the last several years, there have been numerous ministries, books, conferences, blogs, and churches gravitating toward gospel-centered ministry. Thankfully, I was blessed to be a member of one of those churches during seminary. 780 more words