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Finding Hope in Gospel-Centered Dating

If anyone wants proof that miracles happen, they need only see the wedding ring on my finger. For most of my 20’s, I went through just about every faux pas a man could do on a date. 2,112 more words


Learn About Having A Gospel Driven Ambition

A month ago, my student pastor sent a bible-plan link to our youth group’s online chat and he challenged us to read it within three days. 74 more words


The Fallacy of Provision

Provision.  By provision, I’m not speaking of food, shelter, and water.  I’m wondering more about the act of providing our life meaning and value.  I’m deeply concerned about the fallacy of provision that the religious carry.  318 more words

The Problem with Being "Gospel-Centered"

Over the past decade or so, many churches in America have been espousing that they are “gospel-centered.” Just as in culture, there are many buzzwords within the church: missional, organic, intentional, etc. 1,200 more words


Influence Podcast with Heath Adamson

In today’s Influence Podcast, I talk with Heath Adamson about three outcomes for youth ministry: gospel-centeredness, Spirit empowerment, and personal responsibility. Heath is direction of the Assemblies of God’s National Youth Ministries and author of  18 more words

Influence Podcast