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One Church or Many Denominations?

In most areas of life, it’s typically seen as an advantage to be to unique or without equal. Athletes are praised for their unique strength and for winning championships and titles. 692 more words


Feeling Saved

I’ve heard some people say things “I know I’m saved because I feel good about it,” or “If I were lost, I would definitely feel like I was.” I’m sure we’ve all heard people talk or pray to God to give us a “feeling” so that we can be assured about the truth. 429 more words



One thing that has always been a big issue in the religious world is confusion; specifically, confusion that leads to disagreements and division. People divide into different denominations, teach different things, worship different ways, etc. 1,653 more words


Religious Authority

If there’s one thing that really confuses me more than anything, it’s that people feel like they can say whatever they want to say about what God’s will is, how to be saved, how to conduct worship, among many other things. 1,063 more words


The Book of Mormon; Conference Week

March 26, 2018

This week was hard but good. It was one of those weeks where we didn’t hit many of our goals which was a wonderful opportunity for us to learn and improve. 1,197 more words

Jesus Christ

Death of Christians in the Middle East

Christians in the Middle East

Christians in the Middle East and the state of Israel are similarly under attack, recently from the ‘Caliphate’ and from western governments and organisations. 376 more words

Hope In God

Spiritual Gifts – Church Reformation, Part 2.


Continuing from where we left off last time on the issue of Spiritual gift theme. As you will have remembered the arguments are that spiritually, the international church has misapplied the gifts distribution. 3,797 more words

Your Goal In Life