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Justin and the Gospels, Encore (in Dialogue with Brent Nongbri)

Brent Nongbri issued a response (here) to my posting (here) about Justin Martyr and the Gospels, but his response seems to me more assertion than based in evidence.  639 more words

Mercy of Marian

I am cloaked in the red of the Scarlet Woman,
cymbals like Naamah in my hand, your apostle
of apostles, and the seven demons crawl under… 213 more words

Greater Interest: Mark

The Gospel of Mark presents many important facts and lessons. First, Jesus is the Messiah from the Old Testament and proves that Jesus is the Son of God. 379 more words


Disbelieving Joy, or Joyful Disbelief

15-Apr-18 Luke 24:13-49

I sometimes wish that the disciples of Jesus were brighter people, especially when it comes to understanding and accepting Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. 1,841 more words


The Excuses of the Heart

In a series of short articles, I discussed briefly how scripture was transmitted over the years. I addressed the necessity of scribes in the process of transmission and I looked at some common scribal errors. 55 more words


More on Rethinking the Paradigm

In an earlier posting (here), I asked whether we need to rethink the now-standard paradigm/model for the textual transmission of the Gospels.  In the interest of explaining further why I ask the question, I’ve now uploaded the pre-publication form of my essay that concludes the recent mult-author volume on the “ 347 more words

A Harmony Of The Gospels For Students Of The Life Of Christ TXT

A harmony of the Gospels for students of the life of Christ : based on the Broadus Harmony in the Revised Version Item Preview The Project Gutenberg EBook of A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life of Christ, by Archibald Thomas Robertson This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere A gospel harmony is an attempt to compile the canonical gospels of the Christian New Testament into a single account. 472 more words