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In Re: What We Start With (a bonus post)

In Buddhism there is a story of a Buddha traveling by ship. During his voyage another passenger, either drunk or crazed, produces a sword and is about to kill a number of other passengers. 955 more words


The 1,004-Day Journey

*Note: There are 1,004 days between May 24, 2015, and February 20, 2018.

<GASP> A religious post! It’s no secret that I teach Spanish at a Catholic elementary school, so it should be no less momentous that I, myself, practice the Roman Catholic (Christian) faith. 938 more words

"The Gospel According to St. Matthew 1964: Christ as Apart/Amongst

The Film

Cast almost entirely with ordinary people, Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film takes Christ and places him into the ordinary, real, but cold, sparse and barren world. 1,267 more words


What Real Sabbath Looks Like

Sabbathing, part 2

In part 1:

  • I confessed my Sunday struggles.
  • I eliminated some Sabbath-like activities that aren’t always purposeful. (Dare we call them Sabbath-stealers?)
  • 1,205 more words
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