Wanted Dead or Alive

“Wanted Dead or Alive” James Dean

Seems our new millionaire has a rebel in him dying to get out.   Of course he is not bad enough to be brought in dead… but he certainly is “Wanted” by the Police. 165 more words


Catawissa Flamingo's in Dreamville

The Dreamville Watchmen News team was out investigating a crime when they stopped at a house to see some familiar friends.  Yes, Pinky and Legg’s the infamous flamingos have moved into Dreamville.  168 more words


New suspect found for fires in Dreamville

Pictured above: A suspect of the fires who claims she is clearly being “profiled” by police.

The Dreamville Watchmen interviewed several citizens of the city recently on the outbreak of fires around town.  48 more words


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The Dreamville Watchmen will have a new delivery system soon for your convenience.  The Watchmen is placing a newspaper box at various locations and neighborhoods around town for you to get the latest news stories and events in Dreamville. 47 more words


Dreamville Candy Thief

A thief broke in to the candy store in Amazing Isle and stole the entire supply of Candy last week…witness’s said that a otter was driving a stolen truck that had a picture on the side of the truck of the alleged thief.   129 more words


Your Editor Karabella Veliz

Hello Everyone!

About me not at work… well I love to cook, read, and go camping.  I am a huge huge huge practical joker with a dry sense of humor to go with it.  172 more words


Dreamville has a Millionaire!

New Millionaire in town!  James Dean just struck oil in Texas and was kind enough to answer some questions for the Watchmen News.  The Company he is with is Txago which is huge in Texas. 152 more words