West Lancashire Tory Injured In Terrorist Attack

Edge Hill University has confirmed that two students, Owen Lambert from Morecambe and Travis Frain  from Darwen were injured in London yesterday. The students were on Westminster Bridge when a car mounted the pavement and drove into pedestrians. 146 more words

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OWLs Swooping On Dodgy Donation?

OWLs  are claiming foul against Labour. They claim on their Facebook “You’d guess this money   was from Nikki Hennessy and the Labour party right? Wrong – it’s our money as taxpayers. 25 more words

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Lords Lampooned

This so-called “democracy” we inhabit is nothing of the kind. As local councillor Paul Greenall tweets “Abolish the Lords”, he asks “What democratic mandate does the House of Lords have” and he asks “Should the Conservatives pledge to abolish the House of Lords @ the next general election?”. 476 more words


Council Gossip Including Cllr Currie In Nappies?

 According to council gossip it seems that the motion to council last night on green bins was mired in legal discussions about whether the green bin motion could be brought forward, leading to a lengthy discussion taking place. 215 more words


Edge Hill Hostility To Free speech?

Edge Hill University (EHU)  and Edge Hill Students’ Union collectively create a hostile environment for free speech according to the “spiked on line” website . Its survey ranking 115 UK universities using its traffic-light system, shows that 63.5 per cent of universities now actively censor speech, and 30.5 per cent stifle speech through excessive regulation. 103 more words

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Joy Villa And Her Bizarre Fashion Choices 

Joy Villa’s pro Trump outfit has created an online hate box. The 25-year-old echoed her support to the new POTUS by wearing the below dress, that had Make America Great Again written in the front. 196 more words

Camila Cabello Looked Like A Princess At The Grammys 

Camila Cabello didn’t have a good 2016. The girl faced problems getting along with Fifth Harmony, the girl group that made her famous, and in late last year she went solo, existing the group. 115 more words