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Weekly Favorites:

The past few weeks there is one thing that I have been obsessed with. NETFLIX💞 However, this isn’t surprising. A lot of people talk about what they like to watch. 78 more words


How To Network Flawlessly Like Blair Waldorf

I know what you’re thinking. “Ugh, another article about business mixers & small talk?”



Let’s get real.

Do you know who Blair Waldorf is? 1,087 more words

New York: Day 3

I began my day with an almighty sausage and egg sandwich which had breakfast potatoes (what makes them breakfast?). Then took a stroll from Times Square to Central Park and had a hilarious tour guide around. 140 more words

The young, the helpless.

Twenty two:
A house, a new car, career (in my chosen field of course), engaged, money, expensive holidays, a functional family, designer clothes, rockin’ body and so much more. 436 more words


Life Lessons with Blair Waldorf

I get compared to Blair Waldorf on a daily basis. I don’t know whether its my hair, eyes, or just the resting bitch face I have on 24/7 (it comes naturally, I can’t help it). 181 more words


TV Shows

Whenever I have free time you can catch me watching television. I rarely ever watch television shows on actual TV, but rather on my phone or computer. 479 more words

XOXO, America.

Recently, I have been watching a show called Gossip Girl. Most people in my age group are familiar with the book series turned television show, but if you aren’t I will give you a quick run down: 615 more words