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Runaways Recap #1: The Gregg Sulkin Fan Club

Raquel and Chris join forces to discuss the first episode of a TV show they can finally watch together: “Marvel’s Runaways,” from the creators of “The O.C.” and “Gossip Girl.” 7 more words


I Go On Coffee Dates With All of Serena van der Woodsen's Love Interests

In case you don’t know me very well, I think about Gossip Girl literally all the time. I am actually preparing a comprehensive TED Talk to give about Gossip Girl. 1,111 more words

Dynasty Recap: 1x05 “Company Slut”

Previously on Dynasty: Cristal got the COO job Fallon wanted; Fallon decided to start a new company with Jeff; Fallon told an obnoxious dude named Robbie Reed that Michael was her boyfriend but told Monica that was just a lie to get rid of Robbie, and Michael overheard her; Michael slept with Kori Rucks, the city councilwoman who had refused a contract to Fallon; Steven tried to help Sam only to learn that he orchestrated a robbery; Cristal and Blake offered to pay for Cristal’s dead, married ex-boyfriend’s funeral and his sad wife Claudia accepted; Cristal and Matthew’s sex tape was a huge hit on the internet and Claudia saw it. 5,403 more words


My Experience With: Gossip Girl

So I finished Gossip Girl – the TV Series, not the books, although I would love to read the books at some point after learning just the other day that the series was in fact, a book series first! 530 more words


The met steps

Yes I’m a nerd. But all I could think of when I saw the met steps is gossip girl. Things went down here thru out all seasons, you other nerds know what I’m talking about. 14 more words


A Look Back at the Pilot of Gossip Girl

Best known for her breakout role in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, Laura Harring has since starred alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood, John Travolta, Forest Whitaker, Javier Bardem, Denzel Washington and Naomi Watts. 285 more words

Laura Harring

Most Iconic Serena van der Woodsen Outfits

It’s been five, long years since I’ve been left with a Gossip Girl-shaped hole in my heart. The drama, relationships and scandals are surely missed, but to be honest, I miss the clothes more! 65 more words