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red queen, x-men meets the selection | review (with gifs)

For a few months now I’ve seen this book everywhere. every bookstore i visit there it was, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Haunting me, luring me to buy it. 1,036 more words

Book Review

Blog Day Two. Heatwave Day Two.

It’s hot. Too hot for the filter in my pool to break.

And yes, I’m aware that I am a child of Southern California and that I melt in the rain, but it was 106° in the overcrowded city of Los Angeles where I’ve been almost all day. 282 more words

High School

Top 10 TV Characters I Dislike

This is a Top 10 list of characters on TV that I just do (did) not like. I may not have started off disliking them but I ended up hating them, or I just always hated them. 2,801 more words

Back to the Hell Hole...

So yesterday was the beginning of school, of friendship drama and a shitload of work… wish me luck IIA…

(We actually arrived to school on Monday night so we could unpack and thus began term 3, 2016.) And I am  super pumped because today (Wednesday) one of my beffends Ariel is coming to school in like 10 minutes after getting back from World Challenge* on Monday!! 400 more words

10 Times Jenny Humphrey Stole TV's Award for the Best-Dressed Lady ♡

Little J (portrayed by now-rock goddess, Taylor Momsen) was kicked off the hit TV series’ Gossip Girl just a bit too soon.  With her undeniable fashion sense, she still leaves a hint of inspiration for the rest of us fashion lovers. 724 more words


Gossip Girl S1E2 

The Wild Brunch

This scene from Gossip girl really touched me. We all have our perceptions of other people but we should try harder to understand them for who they are not by where they come from or who their friends are or how they dress. 32 more words

For anyone anticipating an intriguing post tonight about amazing designers or the best bag brand, I’d like to warn you that will not be the case with this post.

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