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  1. Gossip Girl: Truth time, I haven’t finished Gossip Girl yet. I fell into kind of a slump in the middle of the fifth season. I know it’s about to get really good again, and I want to know who Gossip Girl is, so I’m trying to push through, but other things are getting in the way.
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How Do You Say Gossip Girl in Korean? Boys Over Flowers Part 1

Consuming: Korean food at Mandoo Bar and at Hee. Greek food at Periyali. All very good. We are loving Fargo and Master of None… 1,741 more words

11 Style Lessons We Learned From Blair Waldorf

You know what I miss most about Gossip Girl? The fashion…and the best schemer known to Manhattan, Blair Waldorf, of course! Here are 11 style lessons we… 477 more words


Toxic History, Chapter 26: Hot Gossip

By Glen and Julie

Serena and Vanessa travel to the Constance party to find Charlie. Serena suggests that Charlie’s behaviour is not her fault, but Vanessa is unconvinced.

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Airborne Toxic Event

The Blair Inside

My last post got me thinking about Gossip Girl after comparing it to the set up of Monster High. I don’t know about you ladies but my favorite was Blair Waldorf’s style and personality. 498 more words


Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix.

Hey guys! I feel like I’m on such a roll with typing up blog posts now, and I think if I carry on the way I am, I’ll be putting up two posts a week! 438 more words

American Horror Story

Netflix isn't an addiction, it's a passion.

ad·dic·tion \ə-ˈdik-shən, a-\

a strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something

pas·sion \ˈpa-shən\

a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something… 468 more words