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Concerns and Recommendations For Feeding Whole Cottonseed to Cattle

Currently, there is considerable interest in feeding whole cottonseed to cattle in the cotton producing states of the South. Whole cottonseed has both a high crude protein content (21-23%) and a high energy content (90% TDN) due to its high oil content (22-23%). 760 more words


'Poison horn to make consumers infertile'

A novel twist on the controversial practice of injecting poison into the horns of living rhinos has been suggested by an Indian doctor: the addition of gossypol, a natural phenol derived from the cotton plant, which causes azoospermia in humans, essentially rendering men infertile. 297 more words

Can cotton be a food of the future?

It’s not exactly a question that’s perplexed mankind for millennia, but blogger Janice Person writing at a colorful adventure examines the idea of whether cotton or cottonseed is edible… 577 more words


Cotton 101: Can you eat cotton or cottonseed?

My friend and one of great patience, John Blue asked me the question “can people eat cottonseed?” some time ago. I’ve meant to write the blog post a number of times. 894 more words


Cancer fighting chickens

Researchers at Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center are currently feeding gossypol, a cancer-fighting substance found in cotton, to chickens. The idea is that if they feed it to chickens and then we eat the chicken and eggs, we will then have the perfect cancer-fighting food. 186 more words