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What is Gossypol?

Gossypol is a actinic begin in the seeds of affection plants. Affection plants aftermath gossypol in adjustment to apathetic down the reproduction of the insects that eat affection bolls and seeds; the admixture aswell affects reproduction in mammals. 140 more words

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How does Gossypol work?

Gossypol is a accustomed phenol acquired from the affection bulb (genus Gossypium). Gossypol is a phenolic aldehyde that permeates beef and acts as an inhibitor for several dehydrogenase enzymes. 131 more words

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Gossypol toxicity and potential food source

Food and beastly agronomical industries have to administer cotton-derivative artefact levels to abstain toxicity. For example, alone ruminant microflora can abstract gossypol, but alone to a assertive level, and cottonseed oil have to be refined. 129 more words