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Game of Thrones SN6 E6 - 'Blood of My Blood'

Welcome my khalasar, to your weekly review of Game of Thrones. The episode I shall be recapping is episode 6 of season 6 —’Blood of My Blood.’ Let’s get started! 1,062 more words

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17 Hilarious Tweets You Had To See Last Night's Game Of Thrones To Understand

Following last week’s epically sad, emotional roller coaster of an episode, it’s probably for the best that “Blood Of My Blood” wasn’t too exciting. (I mean, unless you were just dying to see Benjen Stark again, which is unlikely because I literally had to Google who he was to remember him. 408 more words


Does The Door episode of Game of Thrones open the door to problems?

Since I am going to discuss the possible ramifications of events in the episode 5 of Game of Thrones it’s obvious that I will talk about some spoilers here, just to make that clear. 1,342 more words


Game of Thrones S06E06 Recap: Blood of My Blood

In Game of Thrones “Blood of My Blood” we learn that family can be powerful, but it can also fail us during our greatest need. Bran Stark gets unexpected protection from a family member. 2,300 more words

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Game of Thrones - 605 "Blood of My Blood"


Meera, Bran and Uncle Benjen

So Bran and Meera are still running from the white walkers from last episode. Luckily some random rides up and starts killing the walkers. 1,428 more words