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Google gets me. 

Okay so a lot of people argue that the Internet is a scary place & yes, I definitely agree that it can be & yes, bad things can happen even to the most careful of Internet-ters. 341 more words

VALAR MORGHULIS: Top 12 Game Of Thrones Deaths

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Or, you win and then die a bit later.

Ask anyone about Game Of Thrones, and they will be ready with a list of why it’s the best thing to ever happen to television – excitement, sex, incest and the likes are big plus points, but what gets top spot every time is the sheer amount of gruesome yet awesome death scenes that leave you reeling for days. 1,062 more words

7 ways to bring your relationship back to life.

Do you ever feel that you and your special someone aren’t having the same fulfillment from your relationship with each other? 

Well you’ve come to the right place! 99 more words


"Game of Thrones" a Modern Day Roman Colosseum

This is a difficult post with tough subject matter. Out of desire to protect readers, I will not go into detail as I discuss scenes from Game of Thrones.  1,385 more words

What I Think Happens In Game Of Thrones (I Don't Watch It)

Are you caught up on Game of Thrones? I’m not. I’m very, very not: I still haven’t seen an episode. Don’t get me wrong, it’s way at the top of my watch list – if only because I hate when everyone else knows about something I don’t. 763 more words


Stark, Bolton Wedding. (Contains Spoilers)

There has been an outrage over Sansa’s wedding night and I have to admit that it made me uncomfortable as well. I’ve read several comments that made my stomach turn. 341 more words

Personal Thoughts From Shelly

Game of Thrones: The North remembers. I remember significantly less

A month or so ago, I decided to do something very special. Heroic. Epic. I decided to finally start watching Game of Thrones, and binge watch it to catch up in time to watch at least some of season 5 as it was released. 2,821 more words