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got some heat

cold and coldest


and the madder

and how it all spun  in

and around the corner

and where is the signature

and what it was told… 46 more words


Ian McShane Cast In GAME OF THRONES Season 6!

Fucking yes! Ian McShane is an awesome actor most beloved for playing Al Swearengen in HBO’s Deadwood. Now he’s returning to HBO in season six of  143 more words

Grog's Posts

I'm still here...

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how sorry I am that I have somehow forgotten you, but I’ve been extremely busy with my Etsy shop and cutting the bookmarks is no easy or quick deal. 93 more words

Young Adult

Fandom of the day (In an epic voice of your choosing)

Today we have the wonderful Game of Thrones!!!

Anyway, If you have any ideas for Fandoms comment down below. If you want to see more of Obi One’s face boop that follow button. Xx


#4: Awesome Twists, Killer Deaths.

Don’t get attached to anyone now, they might die.

A Storm Of Swords by George R.R. Martin.

The deaths start here. Bizarre, yet brilliant, storyline. 910 more words


Εμείς που εν έχουμε ζωή (Must seen series)

Dear Geeks,

Εν λαλώ πως εν έχω ζωή, εν καλοκαιράκι, φκαίνω για τα ποτά μου, θωρώ σειρές, θωρώ σειρές τζαί θωρώ σειρές. Για όσους σχετίζονται να συνεχίζουν να διαβάζουν το άρθρο. 85 more words


When You're Rooting For the Bad Guy

So unlike most people I seem to LOVE the baddies in movies, TV shows, Comics, Books, just about anything. I mean don’t get me wrong the good guys can be pretty cool too, but the Bad ones are more interesting. 439 more words