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10 Awesome Nerdy Things You Can Buy Right Now

There are a million different things to buy out there on the interwebs for your average nerd, but it can be almost impossible to choose just one thing from the endless possible things that all scream “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.” This is especially true if the average nerd you are buying for just happens to be yourself. 589 more words


Five Thing Friday 2/5

  1. Commuter woe #1 – The other day a large group of very drunk college students rushed onto my subway card.  Mind you, this is Monday night on my ride home from work.  
  2. 416 more words

got it hot

words  of the unknown

and leading of the dry

and its own brand of the finding

and heard it all lands

and how it channeled… 48 more words


Season 1 Episodes 4-6

February 4th, 2016

One of the benefits to watching Game of Thrones is that it exists not only on the television, but HBO has allowed users to view content on their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 993 more words


Season 1 Episodes 1-3

January 28th, 2016

This is my first time watching Game of Thrones on HBO. I know that this show has been out for 5 seasons and the 6th one is coming in April 2016. 761 more words


The Usurper

Today, something unprecedented transpired.

Something entirely out of my control – so I’m not that surprised really – to top it off, the ramifications weren’t that great. 331 more words

Review: Jane Got a Gun

Review: Jane Got A Gun

            I was going to review The Finest Hours this weekend. My theater is playing it in IMAX 3D and I figured I’d jump in and start reviewing a more mainstream film to catch some followers. 1,605 more words