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Game Of Thrones S7E6, 'Beyond The Wall', Review

After another intense episode, Game of Thrones is building up to yet another incredible season finale, and after it I will be bored again for another year, or two if rumours are true.

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Game Of Thrones

'Game of Thrones' fans are having all kinds of feelings about ~that moment~ from last night's episode

Jon and Dany have some ~serious~ chemistry going now and we don’t quite know how to take it…

So on Game of Thrones last night, Jon and his band of brothers got stranded beyond the wall with an army of undead surrounding them, and naturally, he reached out to Dany for help… 390 more words


Happy Monday Novas! Man last night was a crazy night for TV! I had the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam and the new GOT episode. 1,396 more words


Really Game of Thrones? Really?

Yes, today is one of those face down in the breakfast kind of days. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the damn solar eclipse. One of the dragons died last night and sorry if that’s a spoiler for you. 264 more words


Game Of Thrones S07E06 - Recap

Well what a bloody week HBO have had. Suffering their second episode leak of the season (and 7th in Game Of Thrones history) fans were left morally split. 1,801 more words

"Whinging: To complain fretfully" - Merriam-Webster

Season 7 episode 6 opens with Gendry “whinging,” which I’m now trying to work into my daily vocabulary. Also, nothing like a subtle gay rape scene to really kick things off–Gendry best not drop the soap around the boy band. 938 more words

Game Of Thrones

El Parto De Cada Domingo Y Una Crónica De Las Series Manija

El mercado de las series tiene una historia medio a sobresaltos. Si te ponés a pensarlo, las series existen desde la creación misma de la televisión. 1,323 more words