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Unseen Tears & Invisible Ink/ Pointless Pencil  

The blank page is to be home alone

To write is to purposefully show

To be published is to grudgingly be seen

To promote is to be belligerently obscene… 242 more words


I Had To Look Twice At Most Of These 27 Ads. But Once I Got Them... Absolutely…

Quay My Girl Sunglasses
13 Celebs Who Look Gorgeous In Glasses 10 Ways to Look Gorgeous in Glasses Makeup tips for Women Wearing Eyeglasses… 38 more words

Destiny's child: Jon Snow


They say What doesn’t kill you makes you strong. And were they right. That evening, when I was excited to watch the finale, I completed my chores beforehand. 333 more words


WHAT ??? OMG !!! #series

Lovers, this weekend I watched the Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2, and I have to say it, it’s terrible !!! it was like a waste of time, I didn’t like it at all, it was more of the same, I think it would have been better just to make one simple movie instead of two, I mean, there are a LOT of boring sequences, a lot of dialogues and almost no action !!! 379 more words


Game of Thrones - Jon Snow Poster Released - Is He Alive?

The North remembers, 3.5 readers!

HBO just released this poster to promote the next season of Game of Thrones.

Thus, it’s confirmed Jon Snow will obviously, somehow, feature heavily in the next season.   71 more words


Jon Snow lives?

Jon Snow lives?

April can’t come soon enough for Game of Thrones fans.

A picture giving a hint at one of the most talked about deaths in all of television finally leaked on Monday as HBO released the first promo art for the sixth season of Game of Thrones! 25 more words