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The Character of a City-Gotham Nights

Hello there, Legions of the Unspoken!  I hope you have enjoyed the debate I had with Paul O’Connor of Longbox Graveyard over 70’s vs. 90’s comic books, and I hope you come down strongly on my side that the 90’s are the best! 2,109 more words

90s Comics

Pretty from work

Batman print:
Gotham nights by Joel Gomez

comics are the way to go :-)


Batman: Gotham Nights

So the other day I bought 50 comic books.  Fifty.  I just got really excited about dollar bins, and went wild.  NatalieCaileen found this short run of Batman: Gotham Nights for me, and so I just had to buy it. 197 more words


We're Batman: How Pittsburgh Does 'The Dark Knight Rises'

When director Christopher Nolan chose Pittsburgh as the new Gotham for The Dark Knight Rises, we were more than willing to make Batman our own. 542 more words

Made In Pittsburgh

Halo Legends. Not bad at all.

The trend of Japanese animators collaborating with American franchises was something that started with the Animatrix, something which proved to be even better than some of the Matrix films themselves.   384 more words

Batman&Superman "Public Enemies" Trailer

Folloging the line of “Batman Gotham Nights”, “Green Lantern”, “Superman Doomsday” Dc is back with “Batman & Superman: Public Enemies”. This dvd will be released directly to DVD and Blue Ray this fall 2009.