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The day after Easter, I awoke to fresh snow falling outside my window. It had been forecast, but I hadn’t believed it. “No way,” I told a friend that Sunday night, as we put on our coats and stepped outside. 669 more words

Extra Dry Martini

Goodbye, Gotham

For nearly three months, every other week, I’ve been blogging. It’s been an interesting process and I hope whoever has been reading them has gotten a good sense of who I am. 223 more words

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My Life Pursuit

For as far back as my mind will allow me to travel, I have desired to be a famous entertainer. At first, I wished to be a NBA superstar and I had a short-lived career in Pee-Wee basketball. 653 more words

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Nigga Fest

Many moons ago I encountered an instance of racism that still sticks with me today. My response to the racist remark wasn’t the best reaction, and maybe that’s why it still bothers me so much. 517 more words

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Always the Reader, never the Writer

I’ve always described myself as more of a reader than a writer. Since I learned to read, I’ve always had my nose in a book. When it came to write creatively in school, I’d always have ideas, but they would always fizzle out once they hit the page. 387 more words

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Always A Little Behind The Times

I don’t really follow pop culture. Like, at all. Nowadays, I have more of a cursory knowledge of pop culture only because of the inescapable onslaught of media from Twitter, commercials, Facebook, I could go on and on. 570 more words

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A New Adventure

As I start this new opportunity interning for Gotham, I can’t help but look at the path I took to get here.

When I entered college, I was a Biology major with aspirations to become a researcher or go to medical school. 524 more words

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