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The Major or Central Dramatic Question (Tip #101)

“The MDQ (Major Dramatic Question) is the linchpin of the dramatic narrative – the purpose for which the story is being told.”
Christopher Lockhart

“Hunger for the answer to the Major Dramatic Question grips the audience’s interest, holding it to the last act’s climax.” 754 more words

Screenwriting Tips

What Did You Expect?!?

So you saw last weekend’s (supposed) blockbuster or read Harper Lee’s newest novel …

What did you think?

I’m a pretty critical person when it comes to art and entertainment.  934 more words


Gotham Writers' Workshop

As I mentioned in the More About page, my NYU summer roommate Emily and I have very similar interests. One of those interests includes writing, and more specifically, television writing. 249 more words

New York

Don't Whitewash History: Guest Author, Mysti Parker

This is another free week, and one of the things I’ve been working on lately is assisting one of the Eskape Press authors with her release party. 848 more words

Patricia Kiyono

Murder Lake.

“Someone is standing at the edge of a lake. They just committed a murder. Write about it.”

But… you can’t mention anything that has to do with murder, violence, blood, so on and so forth. 448 more words

Intern Adventures: Amsterdam Avenue

Our Mission: Hand out postcards and brochures to
lil’ cafés, mom + pop shops, and bookstores.
Our Captain: Cara Dempsey

Oh Captain, my captain. 

And it was pretty awesome.

360 more words

My Birthday Present Two Months Later

I got to ‘have’ my birthday present today, so exciting. It was a one-day intensive writing workshop at Gotham Writers Workshop in NYC. The subject was the personal essay. 180 more words