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Scapegoat: A Fantasy with Some Opera at the Top - ACT I

Scapegoat: Concerning Some Angels, A Goat on the Lam and the Eventual Redemption of a Cop, a Vet and a Rabbinical Student

Setting: An outdoor parking lot in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn behind a city hospital complex that looks remarkably castle-like. 4,967 more words


Setting, Pacing & the Structure of Time/Place in Theatre: Abduction of the Chibok Women of Nigeria

Assignment #5 Write a scene about a moment of crisis, slowing and/or speeding up time for dramatic effect. If possible, have the location play a role in the crisis. 946 more words


Goodbye to the MFA Program, Not to Writing

Image: Kevin O’Mara

I am graduating in less than a month from my MFA program. I am awestruck that the two years are over. I’ve met so many lively characters and have been mentored in my writing. 675 more words


Blogs from Alumni of My Gotham Blog Writing Class

Here are some blogs launched by recent “graduates” of my Blog Writing classes at Gotham Writers Workshop. I’ll update as new classes progress!

Emily Anderson, … 32 more words


Recommended Writing Books

Here’s the list of writing books I mentioned at the meeting:

‘If You Want to Write’ by Brenda Ueland

I have a soft spot for this book because it was the first book on creative writing I ever read. 541 more words


There are details, and then there are Details

The discussion of the power of a single detail in episode 152 of The Journeyman Writer podcast reminds me of the consideration of Anton Chekov’s idea of the “telling detail” in the Gotham Writer’s Workshop book  235 more words



Blogging has been a trend since the late-1990’s. Back then, it was an online diary. If no one knew your URL, you didn’t have to worry about your younger sibling stealing your diary and reading it at the dinner table. 728 more words