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Blogging has been a trend since the late-1990’s. Back then, it was an online diary. If no one knew your URL, you didn’t have to worry about your younger sibling stealing your diary and reading it at the dinner table. 728 more words

the best reunion of all

I’ve been confused lately as to which way to go with my blog.  It’s kind of weird to talk about my experience in NYC when I’m no longer there right?   719 more words

This is Cosmo:

The puppy, not the stuffed animal we call “Cosmina” and keep constantly perched on this ledge:

Cosmo belongs to Melissa:

and he’s here with her three days a week. 213 more words


Open Notebook: Gotham Writer's Workshop Writing Fiction book

It feels like all the things my undergraduate fiction writing classes didn’t cover or skimped on are given insightful attention in this highly readable resource. Here are some points that really resonated with me… … 237 more words


Gotham's Where It's At.

It’s coming down to the last two and a half weeks of the year.

Naturally, this calls for some reflection.

Around this time last year, I dropped a (nearly) “atomic bomb” on my parents: I wasn’t going to graduate school… yet. 409 more words

Gotham Writers Workshop

The moving hands have written--now what?

I took a lesson from Joe Bunting last week from his How to write a short story and wrote a story–my shortest ever at 1,500 words. 337 more words



It’s cold outside today in New York City. But that’s only part of the reason why I didn’t want to leave Gotham Writers’ Workshop for lunch. 298 more words