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ILD Winter 2016 - Outfit Shot

I joined the lovely Leeds comm on a boat to celebrate last years winter International Lolita Day back in December. We had afternoon tea on a canal boat,  took part in the cruelest version of secret santa ever and held a raffle where I won a beret! 213 more words

Holidays outfit 2016

You may have noticed that I am no longer hiding my face on this blog. The reason is, I do not break any rule of the public service as a civil servant. 19 more words

Alt. Fashion

Halloween x Black Alice Gathering

One of the biggest gatherings this year with everyone dressed fabulously.

I have a slight (LOL) obsession with mermaids, and when I saw this dress on taobao I had to get it as it features art from Ulysses and the Sirens by Herbert James Draper, 1864-1920. 17 more words


Manga Review: Black Joke by Koike Rintarou

“I told you…I’m the type who does his job properly…”

An action packed manga with a sexy assassin gothloli, who can, and will, spoon out your eyes!

555 more words

2016 - 14 years in lolita

How time flies, and I’m glad to be still in this fashion <3

You can see that my style has changed quite a lot over the years, and for the better I think? :)




Rory Mercury Photoshop CS6 Splashscreen

Picked up a new hobby while bingewatching youtube videos,found a tutorial on how to change the default photoshop introscreens and tried it out cause it was super easy,So i figured u guys might want like it =]. 46 more words

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