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Gothic Lolita - Lolita Style

Gothic Lolita is a form of Lolita that is generally darker, but can incorporate some undertones of – pinks, reds, and purples.

It’s also a very elegant and easy style to pull off, and might be better to start with if you’re starting out and are aiming for an aristocrat style. 79 more words


Happy Valoween! Valentines + Halloween = VALOWEEN

                                                                             Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Yesterday, I decided to dress up for early Valoween and dressed up as Mugatu from the film, Zoolander. This was also an opportunity to include my sweet Angelica as part of this Valoween fun. 106 more words


Communication Through Clothing

Recently in class, we’ve been discussing communication on social media. These discussions centre around how to define yourself online and how to make your social media presence memorable. 344 more words


Classic Lolita Lifestyle

Drinking a nice warm cup of tea and reading a book on a rainy afternoon, or perhaps flipping through the pages of your herbarium; the epitome of a Classic Lolita lifestyle. 916 more words

My Inspirations

New Mabel Blouse!

Happy New Year and new designs! Our “Mabel” blouse is the second new design of 2015 and one of my favorite Gloomth blouses so far. 58 more words