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Fashion Review: *Komachi2266531 Dark Lolita* No. 10 Chained Mermaid Tights

Komachi2266531 Dark Lolita is a new brand that caters to those of us that are plus-sized, tall, or curvy that enjoy Japanese fashion, especially of the Gothic Lolita aesthetic. 491 more words


Two Coords - Castle of Nightmare

This week I wanted to try creating two different coords with a single dress. Since it’s October, I picked Castle of Nightmare by Alice and the Pirates! 151 more words


Declines of Old Subcultures

It is with my own experience and researching that subcultures can fade and go underground. Subcultures such as Punk can be kept alive by evolving into other subcultures such as Emo but are sad excuses of the original subculture. 218 more words

Dorotee Sweetlips New Gold Label Collection & Chocolate Chess Wonderland Debut

There’s always something magical about wearing Classic Lolita or any Lolita style clothes in general. For me, it makes me feel ladylike despite my very playful attitude, it wired me that I have to act a certain way to deserve such beautiful dresses. 347 more words


Summer's Almost Gone

It’s been a wild summer for Dark was the Knight filled with lots of beach time, puppy play time, Pokemon hunting, and of course creating lots new spooky cute goodies. 109 more words

Dark Was The Knight

2011 Decandace Halloween Party

I had a blog awhile back that I lost the login to. I just recently found it again and it had lots of interesting articles about Japan concerts, so I decided to transfer the files here ..here is the first one… 1,410 more words


If Hogwarts Students Wore Lolita...

Hello fellow kawaii enthusiasts, I hope you lovely people are well! Last week my comm held a photoshoot. We’ve held one for the last few years as part of a UK wide lolita fashion calendar but that sadly ended last year. 249 more words