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Christ raises a widow's son (Luke 7:11-17)

The moving story of how Christ restored a widow’s son to life in Nain, near where he grew up, was probably included in the Bible to console those who had lost loved ones. 440 more words

Gothic Revival

King Josiah the Reformer (2 Chronicles 34-35)

The story of young King Josiah – and how he transformed the nation of Judah – is found in the Old Testament books of 2 Kings (22:1-23:30) and 2 Chronicles (34:1-35:27). 368 more words

Gothic Revival

The Holy Women at the Tomb (Mark 16:1-8)

The account of the arrival of the female followers of Christ at his tomb is found in all four gospels (Matthew 28:1-8; Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24:1-11; John 20:1-9). 324 more words

Gothic Revival

The Scourging at the Pillar (John 19:1-3)

The scourging of Christ before his crucifixion is mentioned matter-of-factly in three of the gospels (Matthew 27:26; Mark 15:15; John 19:1-3), although it’s not described in any detail. 338 more words

Gothic Revival

Afternoon tea @ St Pancras Renaissance

The last afternoon tea I had was at the Lanesborough during last July. My friends were visiting London and they wanted to have a traditional afternoon tea (who wouldn’t?), therefore, I recommended there. 898 more words


The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

In the late summer or fall of 1848, John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and William Holman Hunt met to discuss their common interest in art. 7,707 more words

Nineteenth Century

Ornament: A Survey of Decoration from 1830 (Stuart Durant)

Ornament: A Survey of Decoration from 1830 (Stuart Durant) lands on the shelves of my shop, where it will be found in my Art section. 358 more words

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