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London Calling: The Calling Card Craze

So tell me: before telephones and e mail and texting and Facebook and Instagram and cars and Twitter and suchlike: how the devil did a girl get herself introduced into decent circles of society? 317 more words

"His second temple lordlier than his first": St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh. Part II: The Cathedral of Ashlin & Coleman and the Coming Storm, 1873-1963

The spectacle which accompanied the Solemn Dedication of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the 24th August 1873 was one of the most lavish and theatrical that Armagh had ever seen.   6,865 more words

Architectural History

The Red Castle

Husb and I celebrated St. David’s Day today with a quick trip up the Valleys to visit Castell Coch, which is Welsh for the Red Castle. 151 more words