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There’s no nightmare like getting woken up from a nice, peaceful sleep… especially when you live in the world of MINUTE MORBIDITIES.

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Even those who cannot read will know the sign Poison

If they ignore it…

They do so at their Peril ♠

Magickal Arts

November Outfits

Hello dearies! After all the events of Halloween time in October I must say it took me quite some time to recover! Jonas & I have also been trying to get on our feet again and therefore I’m afraid my outfits of November are some what lacking. 615 more words

You can't keep it from returning from the dead!

We’ve all been there: spilling bleach on our jeans, and turning an oops into a fashion statement. After all, the mall sells hol(e)y jeans, right? 68 more words


Crimson Peak Review

Plot: Edith, the daughter of a rich American businessman, is charmed away from her homeland by a smooth talking Englishman. She moves to his family home in England, only to discover that the house and its owners carry a terrible secret. 178 more words