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I don't care for company

How intelligent
My sarcasm is relative
Watch my eyes give opposite
Intent to what I say

I don’t have time
For synthetic interaction
But all the same… 102 more words

Emptiness - Not for Music (Review)

Emptiness are from Belgium and this is their fifth album. They play experimental black metal.

Featuring members of Enthroned, this is dark, experimental, ambient post-black metal, with plenty of malevolent, melancholic atmosphere. 271 more words


Crow Swan Wolf - They Call Him Zone (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Whether a conscious decision or not, Crow Swan Wolf may just be the perfect sound track to the world we find ourselves going into. Yes, the dystopian vibe is certainly obvious right from the start but there is also a texture and subtlety in the music that seems to reflect the intricate machinations of the world today. 231 more words

The Past Month on TV #13

When I started this TV coverage almost a year ago I promised short reviews, but with three major releases falling under its purview this month — plus a big crossover and the best thing that was on TV this Christmas (and sundry other bits to mention too) — I find myself with quite a bit to say… 2,683 more words


The Apostles

The apostles came when the night was weighty and black, their long shadows filling the window, no breath to see, for they are dead I believe.   737 more words


The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry 

Photo courtesy of Waterstones

Waterstones blurb:

Set in the brooding marshes of late Victorian Essex, the recently-widowed Cora Seagrave relinquishes the staid predictability of the capital to pursue rumour of a great, unknown beast, a ‘living fossil’ dwelling in the county’s desolate borderlands. 277 more words

Book Review

Sexy Saturday: Book Recommendations

How was your week? Ready for the weekend? In case you’re spending indoors, check out a few reading recommendations:

This is from my TBR list. 218 more words