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Pasta & Cheese Sauce

Macaroni & cheese is probably my all time favorite comfort food, so much so that if I died drowning in a swimming pool of pasta and cheese sauce I would die happy. 204 more words

Nom Nom Creations

Not Your Mommas Grilled Cheese

Our evenings are quietly blissful, tonight the jazz music played in the background, random laughter, conversation and the sound of the knife on the cutting board was all that was heard. 671 more words


Italian Street Fair Chicken Mac and Cheese

A while back, turns out at least a year ago, I found a “recipe” for making macaroni and cheese without a recipe. Basically, it was a guide for making a basic sauce and information on how to add in anything else you may want. 327 more words


Artisan Gouda & Prosciutto Bread

Here’s an oldie but goodie that I keep coming back to time and time again. While delicious freshly baked bread is readily available here in Belgium there is really nothing like baking your own. 469 more words


Cheese Soufflé

There are a couple of things that my employees do for me that may not have been listed in the employee manual.  One is that they have to be able to read my mind.   524 more words

In The Kitchen

Gouda, mushroom and rosemary oven grilled cheese

Cheese is life, everyone. Whether it’s mozzarella, parmesan or a specialty cheese, I’m all in for some salty, nutty goodness. And what better way to make cheese the centerpiece of a dish than between two slices of bread? 442 more words

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