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Charm Incarnate: My Love Story!! Episode 3

“My Blue Ogre”

Wednesdays at 3 pm EDT on Crunchyroll

In this very special episode, Gouda continues to be thick skulled about his misconceptions. After an awkward meet up with Yamada, Suna finally makes him see the light, and I almost have a heart attack. 552 more words


Sunny Savory cake - olives, sunddried tomatoes and long green beans

I have lacking parenting skills. My kids know were milk comes from (no, not from the supermarket), they know that eggs come from chickens and they know that walnuts grow on trees. 535 more words


Delft Reflections

Delft’s 400-year-old City Hall is reflected in the window of a cheese shop in the city’s main square. Gouda, bicycles and incredible architecture — some of the best parts of the Netherlands all in one. 37 more words


April 2015 Exercise – Trish Lawrence

April 2015 Exercise – Trish Lawrence, Chef, LDI, LLC, Riverview, FL

Smoky Brown Butter Shrimp with Gouda Grits

High End Decorations by Tafelstern

I Want to Deep Plate! 8 more words


Grilled Cheese Three Ways (Almost.)

I haven’t eaten this much bread in a long time. It’s all Goddess Hamilton’s fault.

I never knew there was a National Grilled Cheese Day/Week/Month/Whatever. No idea. 812 more words


  Cauliflower Casserole

I made this cauliflower casserole today and it was absolutely to-die-for! And it was so easy!

When I first mentioned a “cauliflower casserole” to my boyfriend, excited wouldn’t be a word I would have used to describe his reaction. 236 more words


A Runner's Tale of Shameless Self Promotion

April 4, 2015

10:30: Woke up. Continued my research on brain pathways of elite canine athletes vs. sedentary canines. Nature (come on, I’ve already had 10 publications!) had the audacity to send back my submission. 576 more words