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Hello world! Everything is on fire AND you’re being seduced! Do I have your attention? Either I do or you’re already gone. Effective however you look at it. 419 more words


Weekly Sketch - Squash - 10/06/2017

It’s all about the squash again! More watercolours.

(© Catherine Cronin)


Weekly Sketch - Squash - 05/06/2017

I love the colours and shapes of squash!

Drawn outlines in marker pen with watercolour washes.

(© Catherine Cronin)


Eating Japan's cutest cucurbitaceae, or, gourd :)

tiny edible sub specie

large non edible size gourd used as sake bottle


Gourd is very old plant and have always been depicted in Japanese art, literature and religion, conducting spiritual and mystical significance. 398 more words