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Giant pumpkin sets new record at Stillwater Harvest Fest

A new record gourd has been crowned as the largest pumpkin in North America at the annual Harvest Fest in Stillwater. The prize-winning pumpkin weighed in at 2,185 pounds. 222 more words


Gourd Lamps Fully Handcrafted by Przemek Krawczyński

These lamps are made of gourd (calabash) by Polish artist Przemek Krawczyński.
Each lamp is fully handcrafted, beginning with initial sketches, outlining and charting the pattern, through the gourd processing, like cleaning, engraving, carving, perforating, painting and protecting, creating the base of the lamp and, at the end, montage of the whole lamp. 97 more words

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Collections: Crops Team (2015)

Our team is responsible for the “crops” collection. With each new drawer we look at, we become more amazed (or a-maized) at how many different kinds of corn that have been collected from Hopi people. 229 more words

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