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Bass Boat Raffle

Monday (4-19-10)

The Spirit of God is moving in his people, check-out what is happening:

Someone has donated a 16ft. bass boat (pictured above) so that we can sell tickets for a drawing and give all the proceeds to the JOM project. 221 more words

Just One More

Drywall Installation

4-9-09 (Thursday)
As Grandma Bet sits on the front porch with her grandchild; the drywall installation is taking place with the help of an “in-kind” donation from Wayne Gourley (Gourley Plastering) who is supplying all the labor and Seacoast Supply (Auburndale) who is supplying all the drywall materials.

Grandma Bet

Meeting Notes: October 13

10-13-08 (Monday PM)

Over 20 people attended tonight’s meeting. Grandma Bet was given the gift/note from D. Ray and Jeanne Harris at the start of our meeting. 299 more words

Grandma Bet