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World's best Carrot cake - Le meilleur Carrot cake

Another American masterpiece I’ve been making for years now without ever altering my perfect recipe, learnt while on a trip in Norfolk during high school! Back to the basics. 517 more words


Roca, Paris

Now here comes something new and different! Roca, in the midst of the 17th quarter in Paris, offers a creative take on French food with a gastronomique twist. 771 more words


Fluffy coconut candy - Raffaello copycat recipe 🍬 🌱

If you want to create a simple – no baking needed – dessert, then this is a perfect choice for you. The coconut candies are fluffy and moist with a touch of earthiness.

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Tuna spread - Thonade

Easy recipe with maximum effect when having friends over! I call this tuna spread because that’s how I first made it but it works with many different fish options such as salmon or mackerel for instance. 196 more words


Vanilla cupcakes with cheesy butter frosting 🍰

Everybody thinks that cupcakes must be so complicated to make. They are actually one of the easiest desserts to create. You can vary the ingredients and decorations in a million ways.

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Loaded potato soup with smoked sausage and red beet chips 🍲

Who doesn’t like cheap and easy recipes? What if I can tell you that this easy and cheap soup is also very nutritious and delicious. I boosted up a simple potato soup recipe with amazing flavors and colors.

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The Vegan Egg - Review

The vegan egg? Sounds like a contradiction. Well Follow Your Heart has a history of producing contradicting foods and this is a good thing. I just love this company and its products. 368 more words