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Asta Luego's - North Wembley

Alhamdulillah, the holy month of Ramadan is upon us. A month of reflection, repentance and spiritual development. I tend to avoid iftars at restaurants as much as possible during Ramadan, mainly due to a preference for a simple, light meal at home before a rather hectic nocturnal routine. 1,272 more words


Food Review: MeatLiquor SIN @ Duxton Road | Awesome vibe, mediocre burgers

The Place Do we still need more gourmet burgers? MeatLiquor SIN, the latest outpost in the burger scene, is a famous London burger and cocktail joint which recently open its doors at Duxton Road. 344 more words


Being a First-timer at the Burger’s Priest

Sketch drawn by Marlie Rivera

I’m never gonna eat another burger again.

You can’t go wrong With Gourmet Burger Joints

No other burger can compare to the California Classic at… 431 more words

Assignment 5c

Why There is So Much Hype About Burger

Wendy’s baconator

I love burgers! You can give me a burger any time and I wouldn’t say no. This may sound strange, but it’s true! In US I survived on burgers for couple of months. 717 more words

Feature Story

The Farmers Threesome @ Holy Chuck

My Friends were in town, so i brought them to Holy Chuck again to show them how real Burgers taste in Canada. Also, i wanted to try another burger here, since the… 248 more words

Five reasons you should try the new McDonald's Create Your Taste menu

Hello everyone, I’m very excited to ‘formally announce’ that I have tried McDonald’s Create Your Taste menu. I’ve been waiting so long for it to become available at my local Maccas, so that I write this blog ;). 802 more words

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