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Why There is So Much Hype About Burger

Wendy’s baconator

I love burgers! You can give me a burger any time and I wouldn’t say no. This may sound strange, but it’s true! In US I survived on burgers for couple of months. 717 more words

Feature Story

The Farmers Threesome @ Holy Chuck

My Friends were in town, so i brought them to Holy Chuck again to show them how real Burgers taste in Canada. Also, i wanted to try another burger here, since the… 248 more words

Five reasons you should try the new McDonald's Create Your Taste menu

Hello everyone, I’m very excited to ‘formally announce’ that I have tried McDonald’s Create Your Taste menu. I’ve been waiting so long for it to become available at my local Maccas, so that I write this blog ;). 802 more words

Digital Kiosk

The Dream Come True @ Toma Burger Addiction

On Saturday it was really freezing again, after i thought that spring is finally arriving, but -9°C is everything else, but not spring. Even though the sun was shining, i was glad that i decided to go to… 315 more words

Burgerrito @ Jackson's Burger

Jackson’s Burger has a Grand Opening Special where you get a second Burger for free, if you buy the featured burger of the day. We went on a Thursday, so the only real option for us poor people was the Burgerrito. 250 more words

Food Review: De Burg at CT Hub | Happy Sinful Food

The Place We all have days when we win at nothing. The hair is bad, the weather is nuts, the feet hurt from the heels, the deal falls through, the cute man doeth noteth texteth…Things stink, basically. 742 more words