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Benny's Gourmet 

Rating 6/10

Kids Menu – No

Pushchair access- Yes and could fit a double

Babychange – yes but could not fit the pushchair in the toilet. 813 more words

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Review #2: Jamm Blue - Jamm Burguers Vila Caramuru

Para este review, fui ao Jamm Burger, uma hamburgueria gourmet que serve hambúrgueres, hot-dogs e milkshakes bem diferenciados.  Eles atualmente possuem duas lanchonetes, uma na Vila Caramuru (o antigo Mercado do Peixe no Rio Vermelho) e outra na orla de Piatã. 499 more words

Gourmet Burger

Unofficial #Foodie

Ok so I am by no means an expert on food, etiquette or really anything that says: “I know what I’m talking about”. But I do love food, like a lot! 174 more words

Choosing the Right Potato Supplier for Fresh-Cut French Fries

     Choosing the best supply chain partner for any product can be difficult, but choosing one for a perishable agriculture product can be a truly daunting task. 85 more words

Kingston Fresh

Poutine Its not just for Canadians any more!

Fries topped with cheese, chili, bacon, garlic olive oil, etc. have been on menu’s in the U.S. for decades with new variations showing up every year. 140 more words

Kingston Fresh

Fresh Hand Cut Fries – How’s Your Fry Color?

Fry color is a constant challenge for most operators. Each morning equipment is checked and fries are tested in pursuit of the perfect color and crispness. 44 more words

Kingston Fresh

Table-Crunch… How long do your fries stay crunchy after they leave the kitchen?

Fresh Cut Fries almost always come out of the fryer crispy but how long do your fries stay that way?

Typically fresh cut fries will come out of the fryer crisp and will firm up even more in the 2 to 3 minutes after though what happens after that? 105 more words

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