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The Changing Role of the Government CDO

The title of “Chief Data Officer” – once an uncommon one in state and municipal governments – is becoming less uncommon. And that’s a very good thing for public sector innovation. 729 more words

Open Government

What has #opengov achieved so far? An initial checklist

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When thinking about future scenarios for the forthcoming workshop, it can be useful to look back at what we promised, as open government advocates, and what was actually achieved. 564 more words

Government + Social Media

It may not come as a surprise that political candidates are putting themselves out there in the hopes of becoming the new leader, for instance, we need no introduction into Donald Trump and his political campaign. 426 more words

Who Uses Civic Tech?

Who uses civic technology, and why should we care?

A new study from mySociety – a non-profit based in the UK that focuses on civic tech – helps us answer these questions and provides some invaluable information for the civic technology community, and for governments. 869 more words

Open Government