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Law Enforcement And Face Recognition

The Face Recognition program was designed to be utilized by the military in an effort to protect America from terrorists. It would appear that law enforcement here in America may also be looking at implementing this . 396 more words

China’s Great (Fire) Wall

China, where the government blocks website access to the country’s 513 million internet users on such subject as democracy, Tibet, Taiwan, Health, News, Entertainment, and Education. 472 more words

China Blocks Web Site

A Very British Terror Plot: Part 2

Outside the bank, a team of bomb disposable squad was dealing with Matthew, a man who was unfortunate tied to a large ticking bomb. The team was compressed of Matches, Chief, and Copperhead, all in body armour and blast shields. 979 more words


Robert F. Kennedy and having compassion for one another.

Robert F. Kennedy, announcing to a crowd in Indianapolis the news of Martin Luther King JR’s death. It’s important to note that Kennedy’s words focused not on division or the causes of King’s death or social injustice, but instead, of coming together as a united people for justice. 704 more words

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I wish the news media would have reprinted this speech earlier this week . What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom.