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Lighting Thieves

Everyone wants it.
Everyone wants the power.
To hold it.
To be seen with it.

Everyone wants it.
Everyone will try and steal it.
To get the respect. 87 more words

Mantsoe Se Setle - Poems

The Marginal Nepal

3 km south of Siraha Bazaar lies a desolate village, acres of barren land, few uncultured banana clusters, grazing buffalos and a dying river. It is May and the heat is unbearable. 1,624 more words

The US Government spends billions to maintain 50 year old technologies

In the technology sector, there are primarily three types of software users: The consumers, the enterprise sector and the Government sector. The consumers usually adopt the latest technologies, or are at least not far behind them, while the enterprises often rely on software a few years old for the fear of not breaking anything. 273 more words


Microchipping Anyone???

Would you allow your children or yourself to be microchipped? I read an article some time ago that employers were surgically implanting these little chips, about the size of a grain of rice into every one of their employees. 229 more words

The Habits of Self-Discipline

There are no champions anywhere who continues to win without the habit of discipline. Many have lost great honour in life because they departed from the way of self-discipline. 481 more words

Personal Growth

Pekanbaru- State Attorney General Prosecutor demanded Palalawan Langgam Operations Manager of PT Inti Hibrindo (LIH) Frans Katihokang with a sentence of 2 years in prison.Frans was charged as the person responsible for the fire case the land area of 533 hectares in the company’s concession area of oil palm plantations.Frans also obliged to pay a fine of Rp1 billion and subsidiary 6 months imprisonment. 355 more words

Company Officials Burner Land Charged 2 Years In Prison