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King Solomon, Bill of Rights or Wrongs? Post Two

Have the SCOTUS interpretations of the Bill of Rights served to exalt or disgrace our nation? 806 more words

King Solomon

Getting your Maltese Residency Card (ID card)

When you move to Malta, you obviously have some things to take care off. You need to figure out your health care situation, your visa, your taxes and some other things. 739 more words


Society for mental illness...

They always promise more help for those with mental illnesses, they promise that they will help because mental illness needs to be treated like a regular sickness. 215 more words


Hilary's Email Yet to Come

I think when Julian Assange releases the emails and documents from the DNC hack we are all going to be taken back. I believe we are going to see a manipulation and control of the media about Benghazi. 244 more words


King Solomon, Bill of Rights or Wrongs? Post One

Did our founding fathers cause all “Rights” problems that plague the USA? 341 more words

King Solomon

King Solomon, Donald Trump, Fair Trade Post Six (Repost)

After you read this post of how really foolish (Trump says stupid), our Congress is, you may need to take a German owned Alka-Seltzer to calm your upset stomach. 998 more words

King Solomon