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Chem trails

Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered what those white lines are. Well they come from planes and are officially called chem trails. 436 more words


Are you due a tax refund, or is it a fake HMRC email / phone call?

In the current cyber-world attempted fraud is always increasing and taxpayers need to watch out not only for scam emails and texts but phone calls too. 216 more words

Democratizing the Business Lobby

Business advocacy groups

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is losing its pre-eminent position as The organization that represents America Industry in Congress and in International Business circles. 19 more words

Saudi Arabia and Qatar

The Diplomatic Crisis

On 5th June 2017, we witnessed- what could possibly have been one of the worst cases of a diplomatic crisis in the Gulf Arab states in the past decades. 748 more words


It's the economy

American Banking Industry is?

The global economy is spreading wealth into countries that are considered poor or once were identified as poor.

The shift of wealth outside of wealthy Western nations are creating hardships inside these same countries. 30 more words