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Can Philadelphia Ever Be Freed from Charter Mania? It Depends on the School Board Developing a Spine

Diane Ravitch wrote a post yesterday drawing on a commentary written by Lisa Haver and Deborah Grill, two activists in Philadelphia for thenothebook.org. In the commentary, Mss. 192 more words

Q+A: Corin Dann and the panel on Goff and free speech

Following the interview with Phil Goff was this panel discussion with Laila Harre, Heather Roy and Jennifer Curtin. Some interesting comments.

SSA 260 – Communication with Those Charged with Governance

SSA 260 – Communication with Those Charged with Governance

This SSA 260 concerns auditor’s responsibility to communicate with those charged with governance (CWG) in an audit of Financial Statements. 194 more words

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The marketisation of English schools: students paying the cost of the market

An article from the Guardian on the negative effects bringing schools into a market place for education implemented by the Tory Government.

Students are jettisoned in the middle of their A levels if they are thought to be jeopardising the school’s performance data… 14 more words


The Jeff Cumberbatch – Constructive Opposition

It could scarcely be considered unfair or invalid to argue that the appointment of Bishop Joseph Atherley as the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the Lower House of Parliament was not a universally popular one. 1,109 more words