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How Microsoft IT Manages and Governs the Internal SharePoint Environment

I was drafting a governance document for our SharePoint Online environment recently. Yesterday, I came across a great video about how Microsoft does it. This is really interesting, and I found a few good points that I could enhance my one. 43 more words


Does Hillary Really Have the Foreign-Policy Advantage?

July 28, 2016

Does Hillary Really Have the Foreign-Policy Advantage?

by Uri Friedman

Clinton says Trump’s wrong about the world. But she still needs to explain why she’s right. 1,990 more words


Malaysia--Eunuchs keep Najib Razak in power

July 28, 2016

Malaysia– Eunuchs keep Najib Razak  in power

by Zaid Ibrahim

In the days of emperors who ruled over vast empires, eunuchs were deployed as their palace guards.  745 more words


This Is Hell! Understanding Venezuela's post-Chávez crisis


“This isn’t REALLY Marxism!” (No true Scotsman, eh?”

“It’s factions in the revolutionary movement that’s steering events towards its own interests.”

“There were deep problems that existed BEFORE Chavez came to power…” 30 more words


Steering towards or away from Poles of Inaccessibility?

What, pray tell, are the Poles of Inaccessibility? Your GPS defines these places and there are several around the globe. Point Nemo, for one, is located in the South Pacific, as 48° 52.6’ South, 123°23.6’ West—marking the most remote point in the ocean.  1,404 more words

Poles Of Inaccessibility




Kan commented on Echoes 98 thus:


High five and cheek kiss

Scratching backs and thumping rumps

Lady boys horse trade


(2) 16 more words