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The Trick with Triplexes

A little over a year ago Minneapolis was getting a lot of attention for ending single family zoning which secured one family home for one lot in 70 percent of the city. 334 more words


Opinion: Is Barrow trying to Nkurunziza himself to an “erased” term?

Just as the news that the National Assembly and the Members of Parliament in The Gambia have voted down the draft constitution. This because one cause or one article would state that a President can only have two terms or 10 years in office. 703 more words


ஆவணப்படுத்தல்: ஆளுகை

DsporA Tamil Archive இன் முதல் காணொளி நேர்காணல் ஆண்டம் மீடியா, ஒசுலோவால் மேற்கொள்ளப்பட்டது. அது 16 செப்டம்பர் 2020 அன்று வலையொளியில் வெளியிடப்பட்டது. அண்டம் மீடியாவின் நேர்காணல், “தமிழர் தம்மை ஆவணப்படுத்த முன் வரவேண்டும் 725 more words


Documentation: Governance

The first video interview of DsporA Tamil Archive by Andam Media, Oslo was published on 16th September 2020 on YouTube. The interview, “தமிழர் தம்மை ஆவணப்படுத்த முன் வரவேண்டும் 848 more words


Quote of the day: Big business captures the courts

From a Jacobin interview of UCLA law professor Adam Winkler on what the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg means for rest of us from a Supreme Court now certain to be utterly captured by advocates of unbridled corporate power: 205 more words



A woman was speaking passionately about how the Igbos should never be made president of Nigeria as I was commuting to work today, she said that their agitation for Biafra is the reason why the Igbos should never rule, she sounded convinced that Biafra is the worst thing that can happen to us as a people. 416 more words