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Calgary mother battling cancer, Parkinson's won't give up fight to change city's subsidy program

A Calgary mother battling cancer and Parkinson’s disease won’t back down until the city removes what she says is a discriminatory provision in its Fair Entry subsidy program. 566 more words

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Climate change activists interrupt Trudeau Montreal rally demanding action

A pair of climate change activists put Justin Trudeau on the spot, unfurling a banner on stage and demanding action during his Friday evening rally with Liberal party supporters in east-end Montreal. 133 more words

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On the hustings Weeks 3 and 4: Ontario continues to dominate campaign

Ontario with its 121 parliamentary seats remains the centre stage of the federal election campaign, with the main party leaders spending much of Weeks 3 and 4 in the province making key spending promises and smacking down rival economic strategies. 294 more words


Letter: There's more than one side to the story

Re: “Canadians are not to be taken for fools” (Letters to the editor, Aug. 27)

I take issue with letter writer C. Laflamme, who said that after reading Andrew Coyne and Christie Blatchford’s articles regarding the trial of Senator Mike Duffy, she felt a strong urge to take a shower. 150 more words

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Letters: Double standard for PQ leader

Re: “Bloc, PQ leaders wooing Quebec together” (Montreal Gazette, Aug. 28)

When there is a provincial election, the PQ protests vigorously if there is even a hint of a federal politician meddling in the campaign, yet in the current federal election we see Pierre Karl Péladeau campaigning daily with Gilles Duceppe. 168 more words

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Fall books: New fiction in a very political season

Carla Lucchetta

This year’s fiction list is characterized by authors returning after long absences. Nino Ricci publishes his first novel since 2008; Trevor Cole is back with his first book since winning the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour in 2011; Greg Hollingshead has a new story collection, his first publication since 2004; Sharon Butala’s last published work was in 2008 and Lawrence Hill’s last fiction dates to 2007. 884 more words

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Conservative Party called other dead people to ask for their vote

Gerald Cohen came back from a trip to Australia in July to find two messages on his answering machine at his home in Montreal, asking to speak with his mother Sylvia. 698 more words

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