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Note on the Text

The ravages of historical revisionism and government confidentiality have cut and spliced my family history. Nevertheless, the facts exist and all individuals noted in the story do as well. 36 more words


An Eerie Visit to Sandy Hook - Newtown

Following an October 2014 trip, researcher says area is like an “abandoned Manhattan Project. Is this where our (occupied) government plans their False Flag ‘school shootings’ and ‘terror bombings?'” 1,194 more words

Sandy Hook Elementary

Brian Williams' Greatest Lie

No controversy ensued when Williams and NBC colleague Tom Brokaw repeatedly upheld the Warren Commission’s “lone assassin” conspiracy theory on November 22, 2013

By James F. 822 more words


One Nation under God

I constantly see this being touted as proof of America being a Christian nation, I constantly see claims this was added to fight communism in the 1950’s. 790 more words


Bob Garrett's Bigfoot Fantasy: Black Hawk Choppers

The more I look into this story of Bob Garrett‘s supposed harassment and claims of being shut down by the government, the more it appears to me that this claim isĀ a fantasy. 456 more words


Police Report: Myron May Struck Nine Times in Hail of Gunfire

Updated 1/17/15

Documents Reveal Officers Eschewed Non-lethal Force After Close-range Encounter with FSU Gunman

By James F. Tracy

Note: Psychiatrist and author Colin A. Ross MD, referenced in the article below, will be a guest on this weekend’s edition of… 1,025 more words