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Fitbit and Other Dumb Smart Stuff

This craze is sweeping the nation, and I don’t understand it. Friends came back from Spring Break all wearing Fitbits, and they told me to get one so that I could take part in their weekly competition. 184 more words


Xerox and Suffolk County, New York profiting from reduced yellow traffic light duration as motorists are injured and killed, using Red Light Cameras and arresting a Red Light Robin Hood for subduing them.

A New York man known as the Red Light Robin Hood was arrested again this month after cutting wires to red light cameras where yellow light duration times were shortened by the city in order to generate more citations and revenue. 279 more words

Art of the Unspeakable

Renowned artist Doug Auld joins James on this edition to discuss the social and political dimensions of his life’s work. Auld’s most recent and controversial collection, … 250 more words


This is why Finland has the best schools


The Harvard education professor Howard Gardner once advised Americans, “Learn from Finland, which has the most effective schools and which does just about the opposite of what we are doing in the United States.” 705 more words


NSW anti-protest laws show corrosion of rights in Australia


NSW’s harsh and unnecessary new anti-protest laws are the latest example of an alarming and unmistakeable trend. Governments across Australia are eroding some of the vital foundations of our democracy, from protest rights to press freedom, to entrench their own power and that of vested business interests. 762 more words


Putin trolls Kerry


Russia’s president is curious as to why US Secretary of State John Kerry has to carry his own luggage. Amused that there seems to be no one to help him, Putin cracked a joke, hinting that America’s top diplomat may have brought money “to haggle with.” 191 more words


Australian Democracy facing corrosive decline


Australia is facing a “corrosive” decline in democracy as sweeping laws seek to stifle press freedom, curb community advocacy and sideline courts, according to a new report from the Human Rights Law Centre. 605 more words