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03/28/15 5:26pm

This afternoon when I went to the grocery store (as I’ve posted in my last tweet) the childish surveilling death machine continues. Someone even flipped a hand gesture as I thought to myself “These people don’t care. 195 more words

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03/28/15 7:04am

I left the house early this morning for a walk, and left my camera rolling in my room for the sake of government brake-ins. When I got home my computer was unplugged (which was definitely plugged in before I left). 46 more words

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03/25/15 10:44pm

After filming this video, I stepped out to go to the store. While I was gone my house was broken into and psychologically tormenting subliminal messages were left in my bedroom with guitar equipment. 387 more words

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03/25/15 In the woods morning/afternoon

Their power is in the sin of demi-Hands forced upon an unsculpted glob of clay; needing to mold their fears and insecurities upon the innocence of life.

Please see this video.

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03/23/15 6:30pm

V2k/dream already spelt it out right before awaking from a nap:

I cannot go outside without being engulfed in a tornadic psychological death machine (an automatic hostile environment). 156 more words

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03/19/15 9:27pm


Last night I commented on a youtube video uploaded by the Vatican to cause awareness of Targeted Individuals. Note my last post when I awoke this morning. 128 more words

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03/19/15 7:26am

Just awaking from sleep (barely conscious). Voice which was barely audible said something like “Hey Mr. blue jeans, prophesize [-something-], try the day.” Then a very loud horn honk outside. 91 more words

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