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They put up fewer stars today, maybe they’re getting lazy.

They walked through the gardens after nightfall, as was expected of them. They walked hand-in-hand, which was technically forbidden. Marius was only a head shorter than Aldona, despite being four years younger than his sister. 945 more words

365 Day Challenge

The Beginning Case

The beginning case against me is brought by Martin Sheen.  My identity is removed and my rights as well because of some people who had my body. 1,167 more words

Organized Crime

In 1981, My Town Was Decimated By A Mysterious 'Meteor Shower'

When I was a young girl, I lived in the town of Tadaldak, just outside Whitesand Provincial Park in Northern Ontario. It was a small community, not found on any map. 1,801 more words

Deciphering the Shadows of Power

On the April 20 episode of Real Politik James speaks with historian and bestselling author James Perloff about the hidden elite influences on Western societies, politics and history over the past century. 1,281 more words

Public Opinion

He could only stare in shock as he watched the pen hover, writing by itself.

He was completely and utterly bored. Study periods were always useless for him, as he generally didn’t believe in things like “homework” and “grades.” He eked by as best he could while still doing as little as possible, mostly because he didn’t want to upset his grandmother. 924 more words

365 Day Challenge

Dirty Wifi and the Tennis Strategy

Ian bumbled into the tennis club with a coffee in his hand and sleep in his eyes. Waiting on the court was Wayne, his friend and opponent for their ten o’clock match. 351 more words