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Deep state survivor: Kevin Shipp.

An excellent interview with former CIA agent Kevin Shipp was released by Hagmann & Hagmann last week. It’s essential viewing for anyone who wants to understand the very real jeopardy that Pres. 50 more words

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Rule by Thieves: One Week in the Life of the American Kleptocracy

“The first and most important thing to understand about politics is this: forget Right, Left, Center, socialism, fascism, or democracy. Every government that exists — or ever existed, or ever will exist — is a kleptocracy, meaning ‘rule by thieves.’ Competing ideologies merely provide different excuses to separate the Productive Class from what they produce.

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House Intelligence Chair Nunes: Trump "Incidentally" Surveilled

There is no such thing as “incidental” in surveillance.  In other words, he and his aides were wiretapped, just as he said .

Obama spied on Trump. 455 more words


How The Russian Election Hacking Story Impacts The Whistleblower Debate

The Russian Election Hacking witch hunt was featured in the latest House Intelligence Committee hearing, and there was one incredibly important segment that should be on everyone’s mind. 503 more words

Government Corruption

There Is Finally A Bill In Congress To Decriminalize Marijuana

On today’s edition of, “Why isn’t anyone talking about this?!” there is not a bill in Congress to end federal marijuana prohibition, thanks to Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. 269 more words


Presidential Trust–Trump’s Turn

Almost two years ago I wrote a piece on Presidential trust. You can read it at the following link.


And now a disturbing commentary shows up in todays Wall Street Journal – … 776 more words

Government Corruption