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Real Life Air America: CIA Exposed Running a Covert Drug Smuggling Airline

(TFTP) When you hear “Air America,” there is a good chance the 1990 movie starring Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. is the first thing that comes to mind. 905 more words

Government Corruption

Seth Rich Murder Was Carried Out by 'Hired Gun'

Ya think?

In December, 2016,  a WikiLeaks ally revealed that the Podesta/Clinton emails published by WikiLeaks were provided by a disgruntled Dem operative who was angry over the Hillary campaign’s rigging of the primaries against Bernie Sanders. 446 more words


FDA Impedes Company with Medical Device Mostly Used By Recovering Veterans

Mineral Wells, TX – Last week, a publication in the Federal Register brought a glimmer of hope to a company that has been fighting for proper recognition and classification from the United States Food and Drug Administration for the last 33 years. 1,263 more words

Government Corruption

Of Course You Have to Pay for the Poison!

In the “old” days, criminals were prosecuted and sentenced to various unpleasantries: community service of whacking weeds along the highways, house arrest where daily TV talk shows might be you’re only escape, even prison for some of the more ingeniously insidious “white-collar” crimes.   294 more words