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State of Michigan: New Study Guide Enables Educators to Teach the Lessons of Flint

State of Michigan: New Study Guide Enables Educators to Teach the Lessons of Flint. “‘Here’s to Flint.’ With that line, the city of Flint officially shut off the water flowing from Detroit and shifted to pulling its drinking water from the Flint River. 34 more words

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Pompeo Tells It Like It Is

Being nothing more than thugs and gangsters wearing, sometimes, finely tailored accouterment, you get to spew vile and evil, get away with it and even receive applause for sucking Satan’s ass. 450 more words


Alleged Humane Coalition Crawls Into Bed With BLM and Welfare Ranchers to Eradicate Wild Horses & Burros From Public Lands

A biased Press Release from Return to Freedom (in my opinion)

“Read it and weep, unproven fertility control, increased “gathers”, etc..  Circumventing ALL other Wild Horse & Burro advocacy groups these masters of donations have decided to team up with the welfare ranchers and BLM to wipe out the last of the wild ones on their rightful land.  882 more words

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…assaulted again, immediately when i was alone in this apartment, about 15 mins ago, some remote assault to the left side of my brain, almost fainted, obviously another murder attempt. 132 more words

44 & 666

Fascist gangstalkers seem to love these numbers in Finland. Next one only in finnish, im tired of translating and the enormous corruption. 4.4 (celebration day of soldiers of odin) työmarkkinatuen maksu lopetettiin (hetkeksi) ja 44:s avainkoodi mutsin Osuuspankin avainkoodilistassa sisälsi luvun 666, myös useat laskut mitä lähetetty ovat sisältäneet 666:den, kuinka vitun lapselliseksi maailma meneekään, voiko enää pankkiinkaan luottaa joka harrastaa tällaista lapsellisuutta jopa avainkoodilistoissaan? 144 more words

Interior Dept. Opens Ethics Investigation of Its New Chief, David Bernhardt

By Coral Davenport as published in the New York Times

Eight senators, all Democrats, and four government ethics watchdog groups have requested that the Interior Department’s inspector general open formal investigations into various aspects of Mr. 530 more words

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