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Wild Horse Hater "Dinky" Zinke is a Clown Pretending to be a Cowboy

By Parker Heinlein as published on the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

“Zinke has apparently been tasked with dismantling every environmental safeguard he can…”

When Ryan Zinke was appointed Secretary of the Interior, I had no idea he was such a poser. 467 more words

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Australian Gun Rights: Resist the radical left-wing!

We set-up a twitter page for the Australian Defence League and sent Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull a tweet about gun rights. Here is his reply to it: 582 more words

Unconstitutional Acts

Running out of Lobbyists to Hire, "Dinky" Zinke Turns to Land Transfer Zealots for Top Interior Posts

by Annette McDermott as published on Western Values Project

“…he is shaping the BLM to overwhelmingly favor the oil and gas industry at the expense of Western public lands…” 356 more words
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Harassment Scandals Prove that Power Corrupts

In light of the numerous sexual harassment and sexual assault scandals, I decided to comment on how power corrupts. Sexual harassment on Capitol Hill is a symptom of this, and whatever the solution, it’s not to give the government more power. 274 more words

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Add Al Franken to the List of Hollywood/Political Perverts

I’m *shocked*.

From Fox News

A California TV host and sports radio broadcaster on Thursday accused Democratic Sen. Al Franken of kissing and groping her without her consent in 2006, prompting condemnation and calls for an ethics probe from his colleagues.

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The Russian Uranium Scandal: Hillary Clinton Can be Charged With at Least 13 Different Crimes

Via Gateway Pundit

Obama received information on Russia’s criminal plot to corner the market on uranium in his daily briefings.
Yet the Obama administration approved the sale of one-fifth of American uranium to the Russians anyway.

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Meet the Office of Congressional Accountability: the 'Hush Fund' of D.C. Politicians Accused of Sexual Misconduct

From The Hill

Since when are members of Congress and their staffs accused of sexual harassment allowed to hush up and pay off their accusers from a secret “shush” fund full of taxpayer dollars? 

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